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Can you add ads above google ads?

Can I resize the banner ads to 425×60? Or is there any way for me to do it?

Yes, you can!.

Hi I can’t see any google ads. How can I be sure if im able to ad google ads on it?

Hi Granddeluxe, what do you exactly mean? You can add your own banner or a text ads with your own link. Not Google Ads.

Nevermind…I thought we can add Google ads on it. But good job on making this.

is there any way to insert Ad Code instead of ad Url? also, is it possible to insert url? can you try and confirm if link works?

It works, definitely. You can try (and check the url used) from here

Really CodeCanyon?

- I posted my VideoAdPlugin from and it got rejected because this is againts Google’s YouTube’s TOS but you guys approved this script.

Well Played…

hello seller i am realy interested to buy…but can u tell me if is responsive? for banners more than 400 for mobile devices…will the banner resize responsive the theme?

Hello there… I think it really is. Anyway, to be sure, test it by your self installing the free version of this plugin:

Hello, it works with pre-roll? Ads delivered by agencies which issue ads link url capture code in xml format? thanks

Did you try the free version?

Hi, Recently youtube has changed their api. Is your plugin compatible to latest version and still works?

Did you try the free version?

I have bought Tube Video Ads plugin but its not getting installed. I am getting the below message in wordpress.

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

Hello there, please send me your details to info AT Attach even the zip file you downloaded. I’ll make a test. Thanks.

The plugin is very good but the big question, tell me google ads accepts code ?, because I see only text and I see nothing baner advertising or advertising or iframe html, you tell me colleague

I don’t think so, sorry. However, you can make a test with the free version.

there are only good ads and banner button otherwise there colleague, if you can you get an option to add html code will exaelente and since there official advertising codes an idea thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience

Does this plugin support WordPress 4.3+?

It should….anyway, try with the free version of the plugin to check it out :-)

I bought this and love it the only problem is when the button comes up it doesn’t goto a URL… it basically does a and doesn’t linke the actual link for the url.. so it shows up as a 404 not found inside my blog. how do I fix this?

Hello there and thanks for the purchase. Can you send me ( the login details so I can check?

emailed over everything for you thank you

Hey there. I figured everything out. On the inside if you don’t put the http:// before your URL link it will link inside your blog and not a actual link. Keep note of this incase others have that problem.

Only for wordpress or can I use on another platform as well?

Hello, to run the plugin you need to have wordpress website. But it provides an html code you can paste wherever.

Is this plugin still working, I ask because it’s been 2 years since the update.

Hi- Possible to specify ad then ads will appear on all site videos etc? or does it have to be done individually?

another abandoned good plugin

where is close button in tube-video-ads plugin ?

Hello. If i have already published many videos on my site can i add banner or button ads on all videos at same time? For example by selecting all videos and add banners or button ads?

Live preview is not working. Maybe this plugin is dead. Envato check please. Ty