Tube Skin Retina for JW7

Tube Skin Retina for JW7


  • Skin for JW Player 7 that is the most popular video player on the web, live on over 2 million sites
  • Skin with Flat Style
  • Retina Ready & Fully Responsive
  • Unlimited colors – any colour you like
  • 8 Different Demos
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Support and updates
  • Wishlist Support
  • SVG files included and Well Documented

Setting Custom Colors

    • Active skin elements. This includes active and highlighted labels, as well scrubber time that has elapsed.
  • skin.inactive
    • Skin elements that are not active. This includes scrubber time that has not yet elapsed.


  • JW Player 7 support
  • Learn more about Using JW Player Skins
  • Learn more about CSS Skinning Guide
  • Learn more about Building JW Player Skins
  • Learn more about Skin CSS Classes Reference
  • Learn more about Sample CSS File
  • Icons font generator using SVG files
  • Creating icons font for JW Player Skins
  • PX to EM conversion made simple
  • Online CSS Minifier/Compressor
  • JW Player Innovation: Research, Roadmap, Experiments
  • JW Player Source Code
  • How to build JW Player from source
  • Crossdomain File Loading


  • Version v1.2.3, support JW 7.11.0 – 12 May 2017.
  • Version v1.0.2, Fixbug for TimeTooltip too Tall – 29 December 2016.
  • Support JW 7.7.1 and Icons by Base64 – 14 October 2016..
  • The launch of the Tube Skin Retina for JW7 project – 30 September 2016.

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