Discussion on Tube - Responsive Adobe Muse Video Widget

Discussion on Tube - Responsive Adobe Muse Video Widget

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just purchased today…doesnt seem to work. Is this still functional?

Hello! It works with mp4 video and you can see it here in the bottom of the page. Maybe your video is too big or has specific codec. You can send us you direct page link with the video to consider the issue.

is there a way to have the youtube playlist play different video at each refresh?

This feature is not provided in the widget but can be considered as custom service. Please contact us via if you are interested.

Hi – I bought this widget – it works great – I need to add a button ( Mute/Unmute button ) for youtube and twitch – is it possible to add this feature – and how much does it cost to add a button ( Mute/Unmute )?

Greetings. All of this is generally possible, but not on all points it is clear what you want. In addition, it is not at all clear how you want it to look and how you want to customize the appearance, for example color. Please make a visualization of your wishes and send us to

I have sent a message to your mail containing details of what I want regarding adding the sound button to this Tube – Adobe Muse Video Widget

Hello, we have replied to you yesterday by mail.

Can I play a single YouTube video or return videos from YouTube before the main video is displayed – for example, I want to play a video from YouTube as ads, for example, after five seconds, the button skips the ad, shows the main video play, and so on – can I put a ads video before the main video? So how much can this special work cost me? Thank you

There is a better solution. You can enable the display of controls. If you want to display mute/unmute button, and full-screen button and possibly the play/pause button, then the best solution would be enable default player controls.

Please .. I am waiting for you … I will buy immediately if you added ( Mute/Unmute button ) for youtube and twitch – I am waiting to add that I do in order to buy

Sorry, but I can’t speed it up. I have added your request to the queue. I can’t tell you the exact dates when this will be added. You can search for similar video widgets if you are in a hurry.

Hi Merkulove,

Love the widget :) But I noticed today that for some reason the functionality is on and off? This is the first time I’ve noticed this in the past year I’ve had the widget… did something happen? I have a video hosted on Vimeo that is put to be on autoplay when the homepage loads but I get this image instead when I tried to go to my website today [].

Any help would be appreciated, thanks as always for the wonderful widget :)

Sincerely, Sina Rad

Hi! It seems you have some difficulties with getting a response from the Vimeo servers. Perhaps at the time when you visited the site on the Vimeo servers there were some technical problems.

Hi Merkulove,

Thanks for the quick reply :) Yeah I think you’re right, the video loads perfectly now, weird :/ Thanks again for the wonderful widget!

- Sina

Hi, I was hoping that the latest update would fix the latest issues google introduced with their changes to the download button for MP4 videos. Sadly it doesn’t ;( Could you please look into this again? Apparently google moved the video download button into it’s own sub-menu with the latest versions of Chrome. Therefore, the “Hide download icon” option stopped working. Would be great if you could again give designers the option to disable it. Thanks, Mike

Hello Mike! Thanks that drew my attention to this problem. I’ll add the fix within a few days. For now, you can add controlsList=nodownload to Video tag Attributes.

Is there anyway to not have the youtube logo displayed in the bottom right corner

Hi! For now, this is impossible. The appropriate checkbox appears in the settings panel in the next update of the widget.



The mp4 background video no longer plays on mobile safari, it just shows the play icon.

Are you going to be fixing this in a future update?



Hello! Unfortunately in this matter, not everything depends on me. Apple blocks autoplay on iOS devices. But I try to find a solution to this problem.

I am having a problem with: codecanyon-16007790-tube-responsive-adobe-muse-video-widget. It won’t load a video from vimeo that the Muse basic video widgets and widgets from Muse-Themes loaded just fine. Any thought on why it won’t work with your product?

Greetings! Check Video ID in widget settings panel. Are there any spaces or extra characters. If this does not solve the problem, send me a screenshot of your widget settings, and link to a page with broken player.

Thank for that – I will purchase still….

ALSO…. Just FYI…. (SURE YOU KNOW MORE THEN I) Just want to share:

Code something like this work?

Use the JavaScript HLS client hls.js package found on github. Used by many established organizations. Works on all browsers.

A quick example page:

    <script src=""></script>
    <video id="video" controls></video>
        var video = document.getElementById('video');
        var hls = new Hls();
    else if (video.canPlayType('application/'))
        video.src = 'playlist.m3u8';

Yes, I found this example too. It works in Firefox and does not work for other browsers…at least on MacOS

I looking to stream from .m3u8 media files. Will you add this option?

Also, Very nice!!! (Just missing ”.m3u8” extension.

How soon before you can provide this?

Probably very long time. The quick research of this topic made me understand that there is no cross-browser solution for m3u8. It will take a long weeks to get the player to work in all browsers on desktops and mobile, and in addition to work with all features that already exist in widget. Maybe this format will added to widget in future, but it will not be soon.

Hey, great product you have here. I’m looking for a good widget for a background video and it looks like your is the best avaiable :)

But before I buy it I would like to ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind.

I’m looking to your compatibility table and I didn’t get its meaning.

For example, MP4, WebM, OGG, on Opera Android plays after click, only if in fullscreen? That’s it? Other modes will play automaticaly?

Thanks in advance for your help! All the best! :)

Oh, and one more question, is there a way to put an image to show if the browser doesn’t support video? Like a placeholder? Thanks! ;)

Hi! Thanks for kind words.

In compatibility table, a full screen means that the video will start playing in full screen mode. Just like if you pressed the full-screen button in the player’s control panel.

In the widget you can not put a picture that would tell the user that the video can not be supported. But you can put a picture on the preload of the video, and if the video does not start playing for some reason, then the picture will not disappear from the screen.

Hello there, I think the present zip file is missing files. Can you please double check? I only see documentary. It would be great if you can include full video demo files so we can test it with the demo.

Hi! I checked – with the archive everything is ok, there are all the necessary files – the widget file and the folder with the documentation. If you need some video tutorials watch videos from this playlist

Thank you, can you explain how to use your code in a present Magento site? We like to use this code for the homepage of your site.

It’s a widget for Adobe Muse, it’s not suitable for working with Magento or other CMS. If you need a solution for Magento, I recommend you search it in this category

Hello EM, I just sent you an email regarding the Loop bug. The videos (I’m linking them from YouTube) keep looping even with the LOOP box unchecked. Can you please look into it. Thanks T

Hi. Replied by email.


Amazing widget keep up the good work!

Is there a way to make the responsive text in Muse push down the video widget when it is on top?

The same way that a rectangle would grow in height when the text on top breaks to a new line.



Ok, so what you’re saying is that this will never be achievable?

Muse is developing, my widget is also developing. Maybe soon it will be possible :grin:

Hopefully you will be able to achieve this in future!

The widget is awesome anyway but would be perfect if you could do that!

Thanks again,



Does it autoplay on iOS devices or mobile if I upload mp4/ogg/ files ?


Hi. Yes. You can check it on this page (last player)

will this work with older versions of adobe muse? quite a lot of other widgets won’t import (giving me some syntax error and asking me to update muse). i’m still on 2015.1 and i don’t want to upgrade since i still have projects to finish and i’m worried updating might break things (as it often does haha).

Hi! Unfortunately with version 2015.1 widget will not work correctly.

Hi, just ran into a really weird bug on Chrome 56/57 (Windows):
  • using mp4 video
  • set to full width
when I trigger fullscreen in the video controls the video ends up behind the other page content:

can’t reproduce with manually inserted video tags or in Firefox

Really very strange. First of all, try moving the widget to a separate layer. If you have some third-party widgets on your page that are not included in the standard set, try to disable them and see if the problem persists. If that does not help, then upload your page somewhere and send me a link to it via a support form so that I can look at the code and find cause of this bug.

separate layer does not have an effect this is the only widget on the page/site will have to set up a dummy file and share it zipped – no easy way to host it for you as of now

Hi! Having trouble with basic core functionality within iPad2. Video goes blank when playing – only audio is heard. Sent an email with more details. Please let me know if I can provide more information. Thank you!


Hi! Replied to your email.

The video resets in every breakpoint of my muse site, is this normal? I would like to resize my site and keep my video playing just like this site:

Yes, it is normal. build on JavaScript framework, is not made in Muse, and it uses responsive technology. Adobe Muse may only create an adaptive site. For example on your site 5 breakpoints, this means that the Muse generate HTML page containing 5 versions of your site, and then hide the 4 of them and show only the appropriate one of the current browser width. If you change the width of the browser, and you reach a breakpoint, it will be shown another version, and 4 others are hidden. And all the widgets that are in different breakpoints, such as Tube Widget, a default Muse Сontact Form or Composition Widget composition does not relate to each other.

So this is starting to frustrate me. I paid for a widget to be fullscreen background that would work on both mobile and desktop. I imagined it would work just like Yet when I try fullscreen it looks like portrait orientation and is far from fullscreen. If I can’t get this I would like a refund because this is not what is being advertised. Is there a way to make it fullscreen background video and not some weird orientation….?

Thank you for the fast reply! Whenever I attempt fullscreen mode (no matter which settings I use—-fullscreen/custom width & height 100 persents/width & height 100%) it always has white spacing at the top that I have to scroll down a little to get to the video. Is there a way to get rid of that? I’ve bought and tested so many fullscreen widgets, and this is BY FAR the best one (after I figured out what I was doing of course).


Thank you very much for the kind words :grin:


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