Tube - Responsive Adobe Muse Video Widget

Tube - Responsive Adobe Muse Video Widget

Tube — is a powerful responsive video widget for Adobe Muse CC 15.2+, based on MuCow format 4.

With the help of which you can make a full screen video, full width video section, full height video section, and even video of any size and proportions that you want. Video container is exercising responsive on all devices, and will respond to any changes in the size of the browser. Widget supports playback of a single video from YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch videos, YouTube playlists using YouTube API, Twitch streams and YouTube broadcats as well as playback of MP4, WebM and OGG files c using HTML5 video tag.

What's new in Tube 1.04

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Key Features:
Responsive widget
Based on MuCow format 4 HTML embed widget
Full width and Full height mode
Fullscreen mode
Custom video size mode
Playback YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch videos, MP4, WebM and OGG video files
Twitch stream supported
YouTube Playlist supported
Autoplay, loop, mute options
Any number of widgets on the page
Image background and color fill overlay layer
Overlay blend mode options
Crossbrowser solution
Support Adobe Muse CC 15.1+

Video Demo

Update History

30 September 2016 - Version 1.04
Added Twitch stream player and Twitch video player
Added YouTube broadcast player
Enable touch screen autoplay for YouTube and Twitch
Added volume settings for all players
25 July 2016 - Version 1.03
Reworked widget settings panel
Added video quality settings for YouTube player
Added autopause option for Vimeo player
Added time playback control options for Vime and YouTube
Added preload placeholder-images for Vimeo and Youtube
21 June 2016 - Version 1.02
Added another version responsive player. Now, when a decrease in the browser/screen sizes - the video will be reduced in width and height. Feature demonstration:
2 June 2016 - Version 1.01
Added Vimeo video support
Added more options for YouTube single video player
Added more options for YouTube playlist player
5 May 2016 - Version 1.00 (Initial release)