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Awesome script. Only part I’d recommend is the “Submit Video” part not going to a google docs. Good luck!

Thank you DustinDeMoss. I actually used a dummy link, now I changed it to a real google form link after your suggestion. Thanks.

Can the “Tube Express” logo be changed to our own logo?

Also, what would be cool is if you could have a content lock feature for each video…so if you wanted to create a training site out of this software, you could give some free content and then have some of the videos locked in the series and the user would have to either sign up for an email list, share on social platforms or pay to view other videos.

If you are referring to the top left corner logo, it is made of text (Arsenal font), not image. You can change the text from the CMS. If you would like to add an logo image, you can easily do that by doing slight modification on the script and CSS.

The CMS and the theme is made to share fun/entertainment/educational etc. tubes from YouTube.

I was also wondering if there is away to add a link that can be placed below the video Here is a short video explaining what I mean.

First of all, thanks for your interest in TubeExpress.

The first 6 posts in the title page highlights the latest tubes published, so that users know what’s trending in your blog.

The social media buttons you are referring to are share buttons automatically created after you publish the content. And as you already know, livefyre commenting is a free platform, you just have to add your publisher ID in the script after you register your site in livefyre.

While designing it I kept in mind that nobody is going to use it as it is. It is a light-weight and well documented script and users can change it easily. There are lost of free spaces, but it’s responsive nature must be kept in mind while doing so.

I interviewed some viewers who are more into videos than written contents. What I understand is that such viewers want more information in shorter time, they read less, and watch more. So I threw lots of element while designing. But I understand one size doesn’t fit all, so it is easily customizable.


Ok…so you are saying it isn’t encrypted, so I can change any elements to suit my needs?

Thanks for purchasing the script.

As you can see, it is made of basic php classes and jquery. The css is also well defined.

If you want to have a content lock feature on the videos, you can install a login script in the file where the video is viewed. Check if it helps.

To be on the safe side, have a look at the .htaccess file before changing the content; and to avoid any problem. Thanks.

Will this work with php 5.5 ?

In which CSS file should i add this?

In component.css – section #5

When you add an logo image, make sure to make the logo css width/height same as the actual image. In some browsers image quality is reduced if the logo size is different than css definition.

Hi, can you add me on skype : ZeMinox please

Thanks for purchasing my script. I added you in skype.

its very wonderfull scrip.. i want to buy but can you add place for banner advertising? i interesting for buy it.

okay sir..

i have problem for instalation :(

I visited your site, and mailed you some queries.

I like the simplicity of the script but it is annoying to have to manually add a screenshot of the video.

I think by default it should scrape that from YouTube and then give you the option if you want to override it. It would also be nice to schedule videos to post in the future.

Thanks for the suggestion. Did not incorporate the auto addition of thumbnails cause there are 7/8 types of them which varies in quality. Sometimes all of the thumbnail quality types do not exist (e.g. sq/hq/nq/maxresdefault, etc). However, you can easily change the script and pull the image from youtube, instead of the database. Thanks once again.

Categories and Youtube playlist support would be ideal, then I would buy!

By categories are you referring to categorizing the videos that would be listed in different pages?


Can you add catégories?



Would it be possible to add multiple player or choosing the embed? And a date for the release please

thank you

Hi, it is possible, but needs further development. Thanks.

cool script. but need more content management controls such as video list, categories, add, edit, delete, active, de-active, ect.

will keep in my fav. and check for updates.


Thanks for your suggestions. Can you please elaborate what do you mean by video list?

sure. I mean in the admin >> It should show a list of videos that has been uploaded and a way to edit them. Im sure you may have this in some sort of Cpanel. But you should have a more comprehensive way to make updates - a Video Manager

Ok I got it. Will try to update. Thanks for advice.

Cool script; pre-purchase question…

1) Can we display our own videos rather than embedding YouTube videos?

2) How secure is this CMS? Is it free from CSRF and XSS attacks and against SQL Injection? *Was MySQLi used?

3) Do you have plans on adding categories for organized sorting? E.g., <—-good for SEO

4) Can admin disable user registration and commenting?

Let me know asap; thanks!

Hi MobileAppDeveloper, these features are not there in the script. Will be available in the next release. And sorry for the late reply. Thanks.

Can i know, when is the next release?

1. Can you do video categories with RSS feed for each? 2. Can you add Youtube playlists?


Please update the demo link. Thanks

Hello, demo not working…

Demo does not work. Project discontinued?

demo down.!