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the preview not work, could you send a live URL ?

Hi :) , the preview works , just hit a button “Try it on ” on the shop page will drive you to the plugin page with the selected product . The plugin page is here : http://bootstrapweb.co.uk/Tshirts/try-on/ Regards

Nice work :) , I have sent you an email with some questions .

Ok. got it

looks good! Good luck with sales!

Thanks bro :)

Hi do the user images get stored in their local memory system or do you store the image on the shop server? Also, is it hard to make this work outside of Wordpress and Woo? I mean is there a standalone php script?

Hi, the user images get stored on the server, and for now i have it only for Wordpress and Woo. Regards

Thanks for the fast reply!

I would like to know if I can use it for different product? Example, frame? Can it be? Please advice. Thanks.

Hi , yes it can be used for frames .

Pros: Looks innovative and I see it could be handy for three reasons. 1. people like to take selfies 2. people stay longer on your site 3. Amazon or ebay do not provide this yet so it has a “new” feel.

Cons: Seemed to work on a Mac with web cam but I sent the sample link to my phone (where most people live and take selfies) and it did not upload to your images and was very glitchy probably due to where you have the products in a container that is not the WooC flow. Most people do not shop (and WooC is not set up) to be used like that as a product page is for 1 product and not a wardrobe of items to try on.

I think you’d get more sales if you fixed it for mobile (e-commerce future) and did not add it to product options but as a added option for user accounts so they can use their sample images from product to product site-wide without having to take another one or you having to have product images where they are not intended to be.

It also would keep people coming back to a site if they know they had images and could try on new shirts when more are added share to social media etc.

Will be interesting to see where this goes…

Hi JustinWide,

I have tested the camera on Android mobiles and it worked fine . which phone you tried ?

Thank you for advising.

Hi there! Nice and innovative piece of work :)

I have two questions before I buy:

1. Can the plugin be changed to be used with other products, e.g. cloth or draperies? or even mugs? I mean can the drop-down menu of sizes be changed into something else? Also, is it possible to change the product cutout (now in form of a t-shirt)?

2. You say the user-uploaded image is stored on the server. Does this make possible for someone to upload malicious scripts onto the server?

Hi LinQingXia,

1.yes you can use it for other products,eg.clothes or draperies .., anything can be changed :) .

2.Only the images taken by camera saves on the server . and they are JPEG type .


Actually it saves only the last user taken snapshot , the new one replace the last one , In order to avoid stocking lot of images on server ..

Thank you very much for reply! Will experiment with your fantastic plugin. It has a great UX potential :)

Hi guess this plugin works with every woocommerce theme, i have this theme ” Barberry – Responsive WooCommerce Theme”

would it work on this too?

Hi sgpsai , Yes it works with any theme % ;)

If you could share the t shirt image with friends (which creates a link to the product) that would be awesome.

Hi, We want to use this plugin in our fabia theme, our website is http://toksale.com , we need this tshirt theme and jewellery theme, is this single theme suitable for jewellery and tshirts, shirts, pants, & Sarees ? please let us know

Hi nagasubbaarao, Please email me via: gordoncodes@gmail.com

Hi, I have done all the steps of the guide. All work well,but only one thing not. When i click the button “Try it on”,can’t get redirected to the plugin page with the product image, instead of the page of product. How i can fix it?

Just make sure the product title is the same title you gave the tshirt template …
you can send me your link and a wp-admin details , i ll look at it ..
my email adress is : gordoncodes@gmail.com Regards

Hi, really very nice and useful product, i really like your work

can you make another tool only for shirt design.

Components of a Basic Shirt:


Collar Band


Left Front Part

Right Front Part

Back Part



Front Placket

Upper Sleeve

Lower Sleeve


i want say that only a tools for shirt design reply me

How to configure the plugin to work with WPML?

Have sent you an email.

Hi, can i use your plugin for dress try out? thanks

what kind of dresses ? Plz email me to gordoncodes@gmail.com

hi, i wan to see online, can you give me any website, who is using your plugin, thanx

hi, isent you already, my mmail : info@arimuhendislik.net , pls check your spam box, thanx


did you check bro

Hello, I am very interested in this plugin but will like to see a demo so I can do it so I can show my customers how to use it once I purchase. I have looked for your demos but I am seeing shortcodes only. Can you give me a link to a working demo please. And can this plugin work with any t-shirt mockups I create. Thank you.