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are the facts stored in database ??

in the android app all facts exists in one files inside the app and you can delete/add as much as you want it’s VERY easy.

in the WebApp the facts are exists inside single PHP file you can easily add/remove facts.

is there a limit on number of characters which can be shown per fact, if content is more does the app adjust contents to the screen resolution or does it add a scroll bar?

No it’s doesn’t i will update this in the future but for now all facts should be small in order to fit the space,

BUT if you want you can change the font size in the app and thats will give u more space

All the facts are in xml file ?
Can you provide a syntax of how to add new facts ?

here is a screenshot how the facts code looks like inside the app

Bigger Image

to added new fact just you have to added it like this

"New Fact", "Another Fact"};