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Is it possible to set the parallax’s container to 100% with overflow set to hidden? I’ve tried this and it still seems to animate the objects beyond the browser width causing a horizontal scrollbar. Any ideas why?

It is not responsive, set width in pixels. Howether, if width is not provided, it will be set to the width of the parallax DIV (perhaps it is what you do). Make sure that margin/padding/border of that div is zero (use style attribute to set them to zero).

Yeah I already set the container width to 100% and left the width setting out of the JS. I’ll see what I can do with a fixed width :)

Hello, how do you have it set up so that the foreground sticks to the bottom and doesn’t show that the graphic cuts off like you have in your previews?

to fix one of the layers (like background) use attribute data-lock=”yes” for corresponding div. To “cut” everything outside the frame set CSS style overflow of the parallax div, like this: overflow:hidden;

Great product! How do I get both the swipe function and the external controls to work together? Do you have a example?

sorry didnt get your question,what do you mean by “swipe function”?

Here’s an example:

I’ve been trying different ways, if I’m able to get the swipe to work, then the buttons don’t work. Vica versa, if I get the buttons to work, the swipe doesn’t work. Any ideas?

i see. Its because panorama DIV captures “mouse down” event. Try to set property responsible for drug (move on drug) to false. Alternatively place DIV containing controls not inside of panorama DIV, but outside. And set its position to fixed with CSS

Thanks for your help, the solution worked out! Great product.

It is possible to use True Parallax with wordpress?

its not WP version

Hi Sandi, am interested in purchasing your parallax code, but just have a few questions as I am planning this project (sorry it is my first time using parallax if my questions appear very amateurish): 1) Is it able to let me link the layers to a separate page on the website? For example on your sample you have the word “parallax” in different layers, can I for example have the letter “P” one layer which will link somewhere else when clicked?

Thank you for your time.

absolutely yes, you can do it.

how to move all parallax layers in same direction?

either set z coordinate of each layer between (-100;0) or (0;+100) OR set parallax property focusZ to value bigger then +100 or less then -100. See example3.htm in download package


~~Is it possible to add parallax on several slides using e.g., bxSlider? It seems that the first slide with parallax only works. The other parallax on other slider not “properly positioned”.~~

I think I got it working. The problem was I initialized the parallax altogether in one declaration. It was fixed when each parallax are initialized individually. Does this mean that I cannot use a class to initialize them all at once?


Correct, you have to initialize each instance individualy. Concerning use with bxSlider – I don’t know, never used it.

I can confirm that it works well on bxSlider or anything so long its properly initialized. Great stuff! On Chrome, to work properly, images must be loaded before initialization esp. if images are huge. Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for great script. I have 2 questions: 1. Is it possible to set different settings (easingCoefficient, sensitivityY etc) for each layer? 2. I used the script but finish of easing is not smooth. I see at end of the motion small jumping of element. How can I make it smooth without the jumping?

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Hi! I can`t align parallax div to page center, plz help!

Love your script. Works great. Would love a responsive version in the future>> Is there a way to get this to work on mobile with finger touch input?


I have a grid made with Essential Grid ( and I would like to add parallax effects to achieve this effect Would this plugin allow me to do that?

Thank you!