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When I test in IE10 or earlier the browser freezes. Are there any special steps required to make it compatible? Even the demos in the download are causing problems.

I have some extra testing and it seems the issue I am seeing may be related to another plugin running on the same page

hi, the mouse dragging isn’t working with firefox for me. I haven’t any plugin or addon. It’s working fine in chrome. Any idea? Thank you

looks like its a problem in jquery, try different version of jquery

hi, sorry for the late answer. It happens on as well and it uses your version of jquery.

hi, i just tested it again with firefox (24, 31, 32) under windows, linux and even android. Mouse dragging works perfectly in all cases in spite of the getElementById(). in jquery.js:3 issue. Try to update firefox, also try it on different computer, if problem with dragging remains – write me from my profile page (include link if possible)


I have 1 more question. Is it possible to attach fullscreen to a div rather then the whole body?


or fixed size

It doesn’t seem to work. I want the height to be responsive based on the users browser resolution. So if someone is using laptop it should fill the home div e.g 1280×800, however if someone is viewing it on desktop, it should fill to 1920×1080. Then the user should be able to just scroll to view the content below.

It can change size based on width, like in demo. If you need different sizes based on browser window height I guess you can get height with javascript, just before panorama initialization, and use it to initialize panorama with desired height.

Is it support 360×360?

if you mean size – yes. If you mean movement in all directions – no, only horizontally

Hi Sandi, is it possible to put hotspots on the panorama? I want to incorporate lightboxes to show specific informations.

As far as I can see it’s hard to implement because the div wrapper is already position absolute.

its not possible

Can i use html instead of image inside of the wrapper.? i want to make win phone like panorama effect

Hi Sandi,

Love your work! I have a question, is there a way I can disable the third mouse button wheel function?

yes, in settings there is a “wheel” property, Just set it to false (see also how_to file for more settings)

thanks for the script,

just purchased to see that I can not disable infinite scrolling. I want the panorama stops where the image ends.

Is it possible to disable infinite scrolling?

all the best, burak

Such feature is not implemented

Thanks for the prompt reply. Do you intend to release a new version/continue develop this script?

Not in the near future, now I’m busy with next version of my other file

Hi Sandi,

Is it possible to make the plugin responsive, I mean with every screen width change the image height, I’ve tried doing it throught css but when the image height changes the behavior becomes weird.

Can you help me, please?

yes, see template_4.html

or if you open help file click on “Fixed W/H ratio panorama” and see the code (including css part)

Your Live Preview page fails to load in current Chrome browser making it impossible to test. Fine in IE11.

works perfectly in Chrome. If you believe that something is wrong contact me from my profile page please

Can I navigate inside the panoramas? Like have buttons to go to another scene and things like that?

Unfortunately not

Hi Sandi i can put some buttons arround the photo? To set locations like this a panorama tour.

Like the photo and in the left ( Room ) ( Kitchen ) and so on, it’s possible?

unfortunately such feature is not supported

Your page says “Parallax cross-linking support.” which I do not see implemented

oh, you are right, it was for “parallax” item

description fixed! thank you

Add zoom support? ?tem select

I’ll consider this suggestion, thank you

is it possible to have a 3D effect? the way it is now, it seems that you are moving in one direction continuously like riding a train or something and not rotating in 360.

Hi, no it’s not possible

Did you zoom added Panorama?

Hi, I have a large already stiched panorama about 140 degrees. Image is about 5000×1400px. Will it work with your script? Cheers

yes, it work. Just keep in mind that some browsers have size limitations then render images.