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How i change word “Wronge!!!”

You can change it from

file and Line NO: 357 at this code
and line No: 362:

thank for your concern

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Hola, he comprado tu programación.

Al abrir la app me suelta el mensaje: Failed to sign in. Please check your network connection and try again.

No consigo loguearme con una cuenta cuenta de Google. Podriás ayudarme?

can you please write on english..

This will be my first app ever. I have created an account on Google Play and paid the $25.00 – I also have the site installed on a domain. But, how do I generate the APK? Sorry but I am a noob when it comes to apps. Any help you could give me would be much appreciated.

I liked the idea of your app. but I was wondering if I can add more than one alternative for each question and a picture to illustrate? :)

still this code there are not option. but you can do it. but need some android skill for that.


I need to develop a mobile alternative for this flash version.


In need a customization but I don’t have Android experience, still I have experience with HTML5 and AS.


you can contact me skype: keraisureshv

Hi, I am noob, I want to know how to modify, or what software needed? Eclipse or something? And how to export it to apk and to play store. Sorry for asking basic question Thank you

please read document carefully.. let me know any doubt. also app have given youtube help video. you can see that. To run code you need knowledge of Eclipse, Java and Android. Because app are developed for eclipse.

Your first step:

A) AdMob Change: – top 1. Right now admob integration you have to just change yon ad-unit id replace your id.

(string name-—/string)

To be honest, i still confuse what file i should change the code..

on “string.xml” file. at “res” folder.

Hi The application is crashing when it is configured to work with local database under assets folder.. In Logcat i’m taking the message “no such table: questions”

can you please try to run this app on device.

the application is running without problems on a real device. the local sqlite db is working ok now. Do you have something more detailed for the webservice and php admin configuration ?

there are no much configuration on web. just update given gape on particular directory through FTP and import database file. and change database ip address. that it.

before i buy this code i want ask some question.

1. in documentation what you explain how to use sqlite ?

2. what is admob interstitial also include ?

*sorry if my english not to good

can you plz point out what you need.

I gave to android developer to install for me this app but the app not connect to the server database, so she dont work good, my question does it is problem of the developer, or the code have to be some changes to make it work? as i saw that in comment is said to fix some things in code.

please add min 10 question on server database.

I talk to the developer of this app, and the problem was because of me , i reduce the question to less then 10, so that was the problem, so thank you for the developer-seller for good service! :)


Hi, can I import this project to Android Studio and is the project compatible with Android 5.0?

I want to edit database using xampp, i am already import the database but when i want to logindb.php it says Unable to connect to database server!. can you tell me How can i connect my database? thanks

Please just forget my question coz i already find the answr “cheer”

I downloaded your app form google play. but I could not understand a thing. it is not in english

you can developed at any language. On this app language is not important we provide all customize then you can add question as you want any language.

without seeing a demo in english it is hard to see all the program features :(

sure.. not problem next version will try to give demo on English.

Hello, Juste a little question, Can we add images to the questions ? Best Regards

no. for Image quiz you have to purchase Image Quiz app. or if you want to add Image Question as well as Text Question then it need to customize..

i want this app in full hindi .. is it possible

yes. this app support Hindi also.

hello I buy and install your application, but somehow always turns what could have caused questions in level 1

can you please give detail where from you buy. because codecanyon display that u not buy.

Any updates on this app? Android studio? Latest android version? Admob? Tamil or Telugu supported?

can you provide demo with english?