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Thanks, But Please give me quick solutions at statistics page, it is displaying total hits for every category, how can i display correct answer at High scores area? Please solve the issue,

hi I have fixed the BUG of Statistics page. can you please tell me how can I reset statistics value using reset button? Just give me hints.

Any update for io9 , i iwill buy ?

Hey Amiteir, our code is compile by Corona SDK, so if you have the latest version of it, you will be able to compile for iOS 9 with no problem.

Hi i published this app after all modifications, and goole play rejected my app its saying – “Your app submission has been rejected for violation of our Ad policy. If this submission was an update to an existing app, the version published prior to this update is still available in Google Play. Please review the Ads, provision of the Content Policy, then correct your app’s ads and resubmit. Additional details have been sent to your account owner’s email address.” here what i got email -

Here’s how you can submit your app for another review:

Review your app to make sure it’s in compliance with the ad policy and all other policies listed in the Developer Program Policies. Make the appropriate changes to your app. Sign in to your Developer Console and submit your app. Policy Issue: Ad policy

As an app developer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the content, context, and behavior of ads in your apps conforms to Google Play policies.

Hey prinsprem, sorry to hear about that, can you please send me a e-mail to decaobr@gmail.com, i not sure about what its going on, since no one so far report a similar problem.

It my be a bug on Admob plugin.

Hi there! I’ve compiled and created an apk and viewed/played the app on the Corona Simulator but I can’t seem to get any of the sounds to work on either. The application doesn’t seem to have any working sounds on the desktop as well as the phone/apk. I haven’t changed the path of the sounds ”/soms” or changed any of the file names inside or outside of the source files. What could I be doing wrong?


Oh sorry golearnbusiness, i saw your message and forget to answer, please read the documentation and you see all about that, or send me a e-mail to decaobr@gmail.com, and i will send you the /soms folder, i was using royal free sounds in the project, i dont have the right to sell them, thats i why i removed them from the project.

I wanted to use this as template for learning about making apps, which is okay. You say it works with android, but it only say IOS on CodeCanyon, Which is correct?

Both, this app is made with Corona SDK, which is a platform that allows developers to create cross platform apps, that run on iOS and Android. Thanks!


How I can make Interstitial ad only open when user click on Play button?


Hello m1l4n94, that is a custom modification that goes beyond this support, but thats easy to do, take a look at the Corona SDK ads class, and should be good to go.

Hello, I have some basic questions :/ How does this work? I mean, what happens when I buy this… 1) do I buy a “template” that I can adjust ? 2) do I need special skills to adjust the content? 3) do I need to install special software in my computer to open the app and adjust the content?

Thank you for your help

1 – )Yes you buy i template that you can change the images to make a new app. 2-) No, you can just change images in the folder and it will affect the app. 3-)You need Corona SDK ( free ) 4-)Sorry for taking 5 months to answer you, this is probably the longest someone has waited.

Hello, is it easy to change the design? Do I need programming skills or can I just edit some files?


You can just change the images, and the questions are controlled via json file ( you can edit em notepad ).

is this app support android studio ?

No, only works with Corona SDK.