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Game is good. Graphics are ok, could be better. Not indicating which lines are “bad” makes it worse =)

Hi. Thanks. :)

hello. Any way to increase levels?

Hi. Yes, the levels are fully customizable and you can add as many as you wish but you do need some basic knowledge of JSON. There’s a section in the documentation that describes the process of creating levels in detail.

ok. Thanks, sure I’ll buy

Hi – Just purchased this. There’s a bug with Android 4.1. When a node is moved the new graphic renders but the old node position and connectors don’t move. Do you have a fix for this?

Hi. Thanks for the purchase. This issue happens with the default Android browser and the Dolphin browser. The game works with all the other mobile browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox). I’m not sure why it fails on the default browser, it looks like an issue with repainting. I will investigate the issue and try to fix it as soon as I can.

Hi. I found what the issue is and it has to do with a known bug in the default Android browser. I will write a workaround for this issue and include it in the next update, which should be up in a day or two.

Thanks for letting me know of the issue.

Hi, no, just a s simple mind puzzle.

Hi, can I use this game offline?

Hi. Sure, there are several options you can choose from: - you can run your own webserver and run the game locally - you can create an application cache which would allow you to use the game offline as long as you’ve opened it online once - I can create a version of the game for you which will run locally without a webserver (but won’t be as easily customizable as the json files will reside in the code itself) – just send me a message, it should be done quickly

OK :)

Can I use this game with Cyrillic?

Hi, sure, I don’t see why not. :-)

I see only ???????

Hi, did you modify the user.json file? When I tried it with Cyrillic earlier it worked fine for me. Are you sure you saved your file as UTF-8?

hi I can buy to customize and upload app to appstore or as playstore?

Hi. The bg color is a little harder to find, it’s on line 989 of tronix.js file (the #191916 string). In the minified code, just search for ”#191916” and replace with a custom color. Please let me know if you have any problems with this.

how i can make responsive all content? because using mediaqueries dont make it. thanks

You can try embedding it in an iframe with 100% width. Canvas resizes to fit the window automatically.

Great game ( 5 Stars ) and even better support! Thank you.



A great game. I can change the #191916 colour ok, but I would really like a jpg background. How do I change the code in tronix.js and tronix-min.js to have an image as the game background?

Also, no worries, it’s an easy fix and I will do this free of charge

Thanks for this fantastic support!!! I now have the game looking exactly how I want. http://historyofliverpool.com/knots/

I like your customization!

How can I have a message at the end when the user has completed 20 levels?

Hi. I can make a custom version for you that will support this feature. Please mail me through the contact form. Thanks.

Hi there, your game looks very cool.
The only thing that’s holding me back is the low resolution. 320×480 doesn’t look good on todays mobile devices (e.g. ipad) so I was wondering if you’re thinking of releasing an update with a higher resolution.
best regards

Hi. Thanks for the interest! Yes, I might release another game like this with higher resolution, more levels, and perhaps a scoring system. I’m not sure when it will be done though, sorry! And thanks for the suggestion.

Hi, I just purchased your Tronix game and uploaded it to my servers. All is well except for in my Galaxy S4 the points cannot be moved. Did you ever fix the problem mentioned in the comment above from over a year ago?

In your comment you state the following:

””“Hi. I found what the issue is and it has to do with a known bug in the default Android browser. I will write a workaround for this issue and include it in the next update, which should be up in a day or two.”

The problem still seems to exist. When I set it to open in a separate browser the points can be moved but the game defaults to the landscape mode and will not go back into portrait mode leaving the screen small and centered. Is there a way to fix this? I am including it as a value added feature for a community app. Great game by the way. Just need it to work on an android phone.

Please help. Thanks.

Hello. Thank you for the purchase.

Referring to the bugfix for the default Android browser – this had to do with repainting issues which was then fixed by repainting the screen with solid color instead of clearing it.

Regarding the problem with moving points, I tested the game out on the default Android browser on Galaxy S5 and what you described really seems to be happening. I investigated it for a while and found that if you go to browser settings and uncheck “Auto hide toolbar” then it starts working normally. I’m not sure what could be causing this – I tested the game on the default browser numerous times before and this never happened, so I am assuming it’s a recent change to the browser that is causing problems.

I have looked around the web for a solution but have yet to find one, others seem to be having problems with this too ( see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30527157/auto-hide-toolbar-in-samsung-android-browser-breaks-non-scrollable-pages-sgs5 ).

I believe it’s a bug on their part, and I think they will deal with it eventually, but if I happen to find a workaround in the meanwhile I will update and fix the game.

As for your other problem with the landscape mode, I’m not too sure if I understand. The app will always “force” itself into portrait mode because it is built like that (it won’t automatically resize on landscape mode). It’s just how it is coded, not much else to do there, sorry.

Hope this helps a bit.

You were right. Turning off “autohide toolbar” does work. Please let me know if you find a fix for this issue. I have included a note in the user (JSON) file for android users for now. I have included this game in a community app. It would be nice not to have the users redirected to a new browser to play it. Thank you for your help and prompt response to my inquiry.

Hi. The game does not support AdMob natively, but if you run the project through PhoneGap / Cordova, you can add an AdMob plugin and initialize it in the code. You will need some basic JavaScript knowledge for this.

Please, help. Need a transparent background-color!

Update sent. :)

Got it, thank you!

hi there, we have some pre-sales queries, look forward to hearing from you! :-)

1) Can this game be run side-by-side with other HTML5 games within the same app? 2) Are any modifications required to ensure #1 above is made compatible? 3) Is it possible to adjust the sound volume within the game itself? 4) Is the game playable without data connection (ie. self-contained)?


Hello! Let me answer as best as I can.

1) Not sure if I understand this question – you wish to embed the game within a mobile phone app that contains more games? In that case it should be doable as you can just contain the entire game inside of an iframe element. 2) Possibly. You may want to pause game execution while it’s not being displayed, for example. 3) No, it lacks a settings dialog. You can, however adjust the volume in code. 4) The game only requires local files to run, however most browsers will disallow ajax requests if run locally which are needed for the game to fetch its data. If you plan to embed it inside of an app then this shouldn’t be a problem. There’s also other workarounds to avoid ajax calls altogether, for example embedding data straight into the source file itself.

Hope this helps.