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nice, i like this script. question, is there anything vacation package included with plane fare etc? how to monetize ? Thanks

We have already incorporated a price comparison as addon which you can find the details in, but we can do a custom work to add a dopline flight search affiliate and and expedia package affiliate.

Sorry Dohop affiliate program.

ohh Thanks


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still can not install. please give me step by step install

Please email us the details where you are stuck.

Hi I am having problem importing the large csv. Tried trimming the csv to 1 line and it still cannot upload. PDO enabled. What could be the reason?

Please check your email.

Hi, how hotel details are manage? in admin demo i done find any option add hotels

The hotels are shown from the affiliate partners, so won’t be able to add new hotels into the list. This model is only for affiliate program where you earn money if you sale.


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Trivik, i send detail but until now my site still not done

Your site is running now you can check.


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OKe now i sent API

Hi, can you add an option for geolocation feature to search bar eg. instead of city name, a geolocation icon and it will search nearby hotels? Thanks.

Geolocation is not good for this kind of website, as the user mostly search for other cities for the hotel bookings.

hi thanks for script im buy code but cannt install on ipage can help me

send me the details from pm

demo admin dashboard is empty, how to test demo ?

Click on the site settings.

i clicked and made all details and saved but still dont see nothing , what do to and see demo ?


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Hello. Can I turn the language for spanish on my admin?

No the language is not supported right now, it is custom work.

Do you have any plan to make , etc.

check the demo link

great thanks

how does shopping comparison script work? let’s say if want to buy a watch, so i looking for watch right, this script compare with ebay, rekutan , amazon, walmart, macys etc, how does it show best price, meaning cheapest price and user able to buy from them? does it work with walmart,macy’s,sears,neweggs other affiliate online shopping ? how owner get commission ? I tried demo, i din’t see any comparing thing .Thanks

hi. your script looks very good. when do you plan an update

Is this based on Wordpress platform ?

Great speaking to you on the phone a few min. back, thanks for explaining about Wordspress integration.

Will definitely pick this up

Hi, Your live preview is not working..

Hi I was just wondering why I did not hear back from you with regards to help. The documentation is also inadequate. Could help provide step by step help on how to install on Go daddy Shared Hosting ? Please respond!!!

I apologize for the late response, what exactly are you having trouble with? Are you stuck on a step?

Hi I am having trouble with everything. You documentation is not sufficient and there are no clear guide steps. Could you help to set this up on my site if i give you my go daddy account info ? Please treat urgent

I’m not able to install, documentation isn’t not resourceful…..........pls help ASAP

What exactly are you having trouble with on the installation?

Everything, sent you an email. db would not install, agoda.csv same thing…....get error @ /db/upload.php Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘db.agoda’ doesn’t exist’ in /db/upload.php:66 Stack trace: #0 /db/upload.php(66): PDO->exec(‘TRUNCATE TABLE …’) #1 {main} thrown in /db/upload.php on line 66

I honestly wish i could help. Site went through an ownership change everythings been a mess with hosting, its going to take awhile to fix. Make a refund request ill be happy to refund you 100%

Can’t import sql files: SQL query:

— —Database: `trivik`


MySQL said: Documentation

1044 – Access denied for user ‘user’@’localhost’ to database ‘trivik’

im not sure what that could be, it could be a problem with the server. Let me know if your able to fix it if not ill just refund you.

The problem is that the sql file needs to create a database with your prefix and the local server does not aloud it. Can you fix that? If not please process my refund.

Can someone else who actually managed to install the app tell me how to import the sql files please.

if i buy this, will you help me with the installation?

hi, author, please reply my email, thanks.

Hello Author, Your script is installed on and it looks ok, but I did not find admin and search does not work, it seems simple but I do not know where to start. Please help me.

Hello Friend, Everything worked out. Thank you.

Is the author still supporting this? I see that he doesn’t reply to comments anymore :(


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Where can I change google map api key?

Thanks your help!