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Hello I’ve exported a CSV file to the XML format, everything is working well except the correct replies are always in first position. I guess you need to change a bit your code to shuffle automatically the questions order, because in your example plist file it’s manually positioned, a bit archaic, specially when you got 6000 questions to manage…

Thanks for your help

Hi Did you find a solution for me? Thanks again

Hi, no sorry, we already use a shuffle extension for questions, cannot be applied to answers though.

too bad

hey before i buy wt extra feature or anything i will get with extended licnese

As per Envato rules, you can publish the app as a paid app on the App Store with the Extended License, no extra features, but you can’t charge your users of money with Regular License.

There’s a mess in the code. The shuffler category selects for instance “sport” and you’ll get a sport question, but when it comes to fill the pie in the rewards screen it fills another pie (i.e. History)

Wired issue, we’ll check it out.

Hi, are you going to fix the bug where a wrong pie is filled after answering a question?

Hi, we’re trying to reproduce the issue but still haven’t found it, everything looks right. For the labels, you’re supposed to reskin the app so change the colors of UI elements.


To reproduce the bug simply answer correctly a question from any category (i.e. sports). The pie from a different category gets filled (i.e. history). I think the color of the labels is changed from the code, but it also doesn’t work as expected, the color from each category doesn’t correspond to the color of its label.

ok, thanks, we’ll investigate that issue and fix it on next week.

Same question like beber666. Can you fix that?

Yes, but it don’t gets random answers, I need to manually write them randomly.

Yes, but it don’t gets random answers, I need to manually write them randomly.

Yes, that’s how this app works, you have to manually insert them in your .plist files, there’s no way to randomize the answers too.

Hello, I’ve translated the strings in english and remove the other langages, but the content is still in English… Any idea? Thanks ! https://www.dropbox.com/s/xv2afd0u3xwwx0s/Triviax.mp4?dl=0

As we see from your video, you’re using the “it” folder for your french translations of categories, that won’t work, you need the “fr” folder

Please check this image: http://s32.postimg.org/ismuecv2d/screen.jpg
and if you’ll need something else please contact us by our profile’s contact form so we won’t full the comments board. Thanks

I opened TriviaX in Xcode 7.2.1.

I chose iOS 9.2
I changed the Bundle ID to the one for my app.
I changed the App name to ours.
I ran a build and got 15 errors.
They were spread throughout various sections of GameBoard.swift and Questions.swift.

They appeared to all be the same error:

Expected “,” separator
Expected Expression in list of expressions
Missing argument for parameter “selector” in call

A typical example:

GameBoard.swift > GameBoard
>@IBAction func getQuestionButt(sender: AnyObject) { startShufflingQuestions()


// End shuffling for a random question
NSTimer.scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval(1.0, target: self, selector: #selector(endShuffling), userInfo: nil, repeats: false)

The Expected Separator being after, selector: and before #selector in the statement above.

Did I miss something in the set up of the app?

you must use Xcode 7.3, do not edit any line of code and update your Xcode to its latest version

Thank you for your prompt response. I received it within minutes of your reply but it took me awhile to update this machine to El Capitan so I could install Xcode 7.3. That fixed it. So far the app build and runs as expected. Thanks again great service.

you’re welcome!

Hi, I can’t change the language to mexican spanish, I set the code to es-MX, but nothing happened, can you help me?

Ok, so we’ve just submitted an update today that will fix that issue, it may be available tomorrow and you’ll get an email from Envato by then.

O_O oops, I have a presentation today. Is there any way to support me other way? like Skype, or direct email? dev@epya.com.mx

We’ll reply to your email

Question: Is there a way to set the audio level of the background Music vs. Correct & Wrong answer sound or did you simply import them at specific levels?

No, you have to place edited sounds, you can’t set their volume in the app.

I have not changed any code. Just running a two person game in the iPhone 6 Simulator. I’m getting random problems: I first noticed that Player One stopped recording correct answers in the pie charts but Player two is. I quit the Sim did a new build and created new players. This time Player One was not asked any questions it kept asking only Player Two. I did it again and this time is only Asked Player One questions. Help please.

I think this is corrected now. Please ignore for now.

All right, great. Next time please contact us by our profile’s contact form

In regards to your comment: “No, you have to place edited sounds, you can’t set their volume in the app.”

If the game sounds were edited at a 0 dB reference how many dB down is your music file? It will save me some trial and error if you can give me a reference. Thank you!

Sorry but we don’t know tge dB size of the sound files, they’re just demo files we’ve found on the internet

I just received a download notice of a new update to TriviaX. I’m clicked on the link and it took me to my download page. The download file appears to be exactly the same as the original?

How can I tell if I”m getting the updated version since there is no version number on the download?

More importantly how do I know what has been updated and how to integrate those changes into the version I’ve been working on? I already have 90% of the artwork replaced and I can’t simply open and use a new version.

Is there instruction somewhere on how to only incorporate your updated changes?

simply by opening both Xcode projects, you can open multiple Xcode projects in different windows

Thank you for your patience and for your prompt responses!!

your welcome!

The background music file is 17 seconds. Can the new background music file be any length, e.g. 5 minutes 30 seconds etc.

I could never have integrated the updates into the code without the changelog and instructions you provvided. Even then I had to carefully read through the gameboard.swift file to find the changes. Please provide with each update. Thank you!

I made the change to the config file

I just want to check the changes to the Gameboard are ONE change of let imagesArr = englishCategories in the last line below:

// MARK: – SHOW ANIMATION VIEW FOR SHUFFLING QUESTIONS func startShufflingQuestions() { getQuestionOutlet.enabled = false

UIView.animateWithDuration(0.1, delay: 0.0, options:  
UIViewAnimationOptions.CurveLinear, animations: {
self.questAnimView.center = self.view.center
}, completion: { (finished: Bool) in
let imagesArr = englishCategories

And Only One change of ”\(englishCategories[randomCategory])”) in the last line below.

// Prepare new question 
} else {
trianglesImage.image = UIImage(named: "\(englishCategories[randomCategory])")

ok good job

When the game starts and you decide 1 Player or Two Players, the next pop-up is an overlay on the Home Screen that has the Name of the Game at the top, the next line says “Set Your Name”, then fields for Player Name(s), then Cancel & Next Buttons.

This overlay is not on the Main.storyboard.

HOW can I change the game name on this overlay?

The user guide says “check out the comments in the Configs.swift file” :)

It sure does :). I guess I thought this First Setup comment covered name changes other than artwork, “you must change the App’s name under TARGETS by double clicking on TriviaX and renaming it as you want, so you’ll see your own app’s name underneath the app’s icon.”

Which brings up another point; I’ll respect you wishes to communicate through your email form but frankly I think the postings on here benefit everyone and save you time. I’ve read them all and it eliminated other questions. As a first time user, my questions and your answer would practically be a primer :)

ok, cool ;)

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!

Anyway to make this multiplayer so you challenge friends on Facebook? Also, is background music and sounds included?

you’re welcome

Hey guys quick question, are there 2 different MP3 files for when a new question is loading and when a user gets n answer correct? While texting the game I’m hearing my answer correct sound play as a new question is loading

the sound is the same, you can add a new mp3 and call it in the shuffle func if you want a different sound for when a question gets loaded


Interesting product, but I have some questions before buying:

1. Does it support Xcode 9? Is it written by Swift?

2. Does the app support portrait mode? I just saw it working in landscape mode?

3. No need a backend? Everything in plist files?

4. If I purchase this, can you add an image which describes what the quiz is about besides the answers? And how long will it take?


1. yes
2. No, only landscape, it’s not possible to properly play this game in portrait mode
3. Yes, no backend needed, all .plist files
4. I’m currently not available for freelance work, but you can customize this template as you wish, you may add an ImageView with your description image attached and add a Button to show it in the home screen