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Can i use random questions? Thank You

Hello, This trivia quiz app is not a facebook app. The app is not well designed for facebook Tab. Even the demo link on facebook does not have the app installed I have sent you email but no reply. I want my payment back if this is not resolved soonest

Pls how can I get a refund?

We don’t deal with refunds, please talk to envato directly about this issue.

Regards, Alexandra I.

I believe most negative reviews are simply opinion, so I rarely write them. This plugin, however, is atrocious.

I bought this because it was described as a dreamy product that would save me countless hours coding my own—and being on a major deadline, I was thrilled to buy it. However, just trying to get this plugin to work with ANY theme was a nightmare. I dug in trying to make it work and spent half a day with only a mess of altered themes and code to show for it. I was most impressed by how effective this plugin is at wrecking entirely unrelated parts of any website it’s a part of.

To whoever made this monstrosity: please don’t give up. If you make this work as described, it will be a wonderful product. You have a great idea but it just doesn’t work. Until a new version is out, I’m requesting a refund (and if unsuccessful, contacting the fraud department on my credit card) because this product is certainly not ready to perform as promised.


Is it possible to only allow access to users on Facebook who liked my page?

Is this plugin compatible with WordPress 3.8?

Hi, after reading all the reviews of people that this application does not work for Facebook and always give an error and not to solve it. I wonder if sincerely and truly functions as Facebook application or not? I’d like a prompt response and more … I hope your answer.

Hi, after reading all the reviews of people that this application does not work for Facebook and always give an error and not to solve it. I wonder if sincerely and truly functions as Facebook application or not? I’d like a prompt response and more … I hope your answer.

Getting table errors and image upload errors. Entered a ticket from June 1, but no response. Need support.

Ticket Closed & Problem Not solved. Have an event utilizing this plugin in half an hour and nothing

Our colleague fixed your issue, but you didn’t confirm in 2 days, and the ticket was closed.

I’ve reopened it, please let us know what’s the issue.

Regards, Alexandra I.

Re-opened, I posted my problem, then closed once again without any answer.


Can you please let us know if this application bugs are already fixed? We would like to buy it but we see so many complaints.



I sent you a message via your profile, I cant seem to activate the plugin…

Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem when registering on your support site. After putting the Item Product Code the bar gets stuck at 100%... This is the same when i try to activate the plugin.

Hello … I am unable to register on your support site… Can you please help me with this error!

I notice you have released another plugin yet you still can not be bothered to assist me in using a plugin I have purchased from you! I can not register on your support site as it is the same error when i try to activate the plugin on my website. After putting the license code in it just hangs! Please can you help me to get the plugin activated…

Guys, do you ever respond, I really don’t like the way you treat your buyers.

Hi may you please send a CHANGELOG of the product? so we can see what is new on the version published in 20 may 2015.

Sure, here it is: - plugin now uses new facebook javascript sdk - makes use of the new Wordpress upload manager - if requesting more then “email” permissions the user needs to “Submit for Login Review” with facebook and describe why and how it uses the extra permissions requested - plugin now works with the latest WP version 4.2.2

Best regards

Is there a live demo which I can try?


Unfortunately, no.

Best regards,
Alex T.

Hello, to use it, you have to login from facebook? Or this can be avoided?


Yes, you have to login with the facebook account first.

Best regards,
Alex T.

I want to buy this plugin. But If I can’t see demo, how can I give money?

Facebook requires “https” for the Page Tab while plugin makes a “http” direct link . Facebook doesn’t accept this direct link for Page Tab creation. How is possible to make this quiz work on facebook?

ok, understood. I do not have SSL. Is your product working as WordPress plugin on normal http pages?

Please could you help me understand whether I can use your product without SSL?

You can not use the product without SSL because you will not be able to connect to facebook.

is there a demo to check this out? any newer version coming out?

We require this plug-in for checking Body Type according to ayurveda.

The main work is calculation way. However, calculation is very simple, but I am not finding this type of plug in.

People will answer and it automatically show results based on their answers.

For example, we build a form with 100 questions and each have 3 options from which person can select one option only.

All Option A is for VATA All Option B is for PITTA All Option C is for KAPHA

Person has selected Option A for 70 questions, Option B for 20 questions, and Option C for 10 questions.

Plugin redirect result page show percentage like this:

You have VATA dominant Body Type having following results:

1. VATA = 70% 2. PITTA = 20% 3. KAPHA = 10%

Can your plugin do this? I will buy after your answer.

When function do we need you can see sample link and functions.

http://lifespa.com/ayurvedic-health-quizzes/body-type-quiz/body-type-quiz-form/ http://www.prokerala.com/health/ayurveda/prakriti-analysis/

Unfortunately no.

how do i set a timer for the whole quiz and not just on question?