Discussion on Trivia Quiz - Multipurpose Unity Game Template For Android & iOS

Discussion on Trivia Quiz - Multipurpose Unity Game Template For Android & iOS

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Hi do you have do detail documentation for publishing and customizing this app?

You can find documentation inside zip file along with Unity Project.

Hello when it will be the update with quiz categories?

Thanks you very much dear customer for still waiting, can you please send more details about your requirements at, so that I can start working on this weekend for sure. I am still not sure what is your clear requirements, and what extra stuff do you need in this game template. Please send me the details in above mail id, I will complete it on this weekend.

Hello when it will be the update with quiz categories?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I am discontinuing my selling services from this platform, I’m only willing to provide support to my customers for templates they bought. This item will not be updated because Envato Market is taking a huge profit share from each sale. I hardly get less than 33% profit from each sale, Envato/CodeCanyon takes 66% profit from each sale. Maybe you will find my future game templates on other alternative platforms which are better than this in terms of profit.

Hi I like this game, but I do not see category.

1) Do you have one with categories?

2) Also if I want the web version to be landscape, can you do that for me?

3) Can you add absence banner for web version?

Thanks for enquiry, I’m happy that yo like this template. I can add categories functionality in next update. This template is not meant to developed for web, Android & iOS are the primary deployment paltform. Although you can deploy it on web as in portrait resolution, and I can not integrate ads for web version, thank.

Can I add or change unlimited questions by opening the application with Android Studio? Do I need any server?

Thanks you very much for contacting, this game template is made in Unity Engine, you need to have beginner level of technical knowledge about Unity. You can add questions in JSON file, which you can modified in Unity. This is not Android Studio project. This game template does not use any server for data storage. You can export the builds from Unity and publish it on Android & iOS stores.

Is it possible to add pictures/photos as questions? for example picture of a flag or fruits?

In this template questions are used from the list via the index, similarly you can create another List of pictures and use current question index to get the picture and display it in the position of textual question. I hope that I cleared your doubts.

Hi, i have a question about de license. Can i buy the template…change the questions then publish the game for selling? Thanks

If you want to publish paid game with this game template, you should buy with Extended License. If you want to publish free game with this template, you should buy with Regular License.

I will not sell the template….with the template i will make a game for people. Then i will sell this game…not the template. Is that illegal? Thanks

Then you should buy with Extended License.

Hi, nice appl, is it possible to add/change questions and answers as needed? how to do it?

You can add/change questions and answers as per your need, you just need to paste questions & answers into JSON file or you can also add question and answer into scriptable object in Unity Editor Inspector. You will find detailed documentation in purchased file. Even I can help you to convert your JSON data into game JSON format. Thanks.

This game template comes with AdMob ads. Unity Ads are not integrated.


Is it easy to add a question as JSON?

Yes, it is easy to add questions from JSON. You may need to convert your JSON question’s structure to game’s JSON questions’s structure. If you need any help for that, I will provide you.

Do you plan to add categories or levels? When will it be update? Thank you

Thanks you very much for contacting, I am already planning to add another trivia quiz template with more features, It will be uploaded within 10 days. It will include different categories.

It is super. Thank you. I look forward to buy after the update

Thank you very much for showing interest in this game template.

If possible, add coins to the game

Thanks for your purchase. I will add this in next update.

Can you add a game timer for me please

Thanks for your purchase. I will add this in next update.

i like it , but can i get reskinned version ready to publish ?? reskin graphics only i will add admob codes

The game is ready to publish, but best practise is to reskin all the graphics, so that Google Play will accept it without any issues. Graphics reskin process is very easy, you just need to replace all the graphics. AdMob ads are already implemented in this game, you just need to replace Admob app id & ad id.

i mean do you offer reskin service ?? and what the price if you do?

Yes, I offer reskin service. Price will be calculated based on your full requirements. If you provide graphics and want me to only update graphics then I can do it for 20$. If you want me to design & update graphics then I can do it for 50$.

Hello There,

Pre-purchase Question:

How difficult would it be to change this to a Japanese or Korean game with audio ?

Best Regards, Dc

Duolingo language learning app is different from this game template. This is simple trivia quiz game template. You should consider developing your project from scratch. I am not available right now for hire. thanks.

I am not trying to recreate the entire am. Just 1 aspect of it. Now that I know that I can use your app to do what I want done, I will get it on a few weeks and try it out.


I am glad to know that you find this game template useful for your purpose. Thanks.

Right now, only AdMob ads are implemented. If yo are a unity developer you can easily integrate Unity ads.

do you do a reskin too? price?

i do, im wating your answer..

You can contact via email.

Nice game! The json file is local or I can read from an online server?

Thank you very much. Right now, the quiz is made of locally stored JSON. But you can add a method to call web request to load data from the server and easily use that server data in quiz. This is I think very good feature to add in game template. I will update this game template very soon. Feel free to ask anything.

Congratulations, Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you very much.

Congratulations, Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you very much.


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