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I can connect this application with PHP / MySQL with EDU MCQ Quiz ( running on the same host ) ?

Not. Because here quiz concept are change. we add on EDU MCA Chepter, Subject and questions while on Trivia for iOS is only Level and Questions.

hi.in this app level not pass next level…he is showing same level every time…but when run app again he show current level.can u help me

your team not contact me my skype id = ahmet.cuneydioglu or canahmet_77

I paid you $ 60 for publish this app without error but u not help me. whats problem?

no support ?

hope you add banner ad in next update

sure. will add.

after purchase this app i paid about 100 $ to admin for solving errors. but they did not solve the problems. so the user of applications are doing very bad comments and a lot of users give me 1 stars

Hi, this application seems very interesting, I would like to have it published to apple app store and android playstore, how do I do this, is it possible by buying this app? Does it come on both platforms, using the same database? if yes, I intend to buy.

Regards, Robert

Hi, I just bought the app but I need your help please.

1.I am trying to edit the theme colour to suit my needs but I cant figure it out, the video link you have provided is showing a different app.

2. When trying to build the app, it does not work, says Build failed.

3. How do I link the app to pull the questions from my php database?

4. When clicking on iPhone 7, the images does not fit the screen, how can I adjust it?

Help would be much appreciated, my email is read2uk@yahoo.com

5. Also getting this error Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1

please contact skype: keraisureshv

I need your help please

Please contact me skype: keraisureshv

I already did two days ago.

hope you found solution on skype.

how do you remove the random function in the app and make the format such that you choose the category

Just remove from DAO Radom Query

The app looks great. I’ve configured the php admin part to my go daddy service, and I’m still unable to use it. I donated money to some cause over seas somewhere.

yep same problems diff time of day. Also there is 117 errors in the coding. So I can’t even check to see if it works on just your server. I recommend no one buying this. Unless you’re going to ‘update’. i would take it down. Not sure who uses xcode 7 6 or 5 anymore.

Code is working fine also server side and client side we tested it. still you facing problem let me know on detail what’s step you face difficulty. we are ready to help.


kryptek44 Purchased

im using xcode 8, I have a server on godaddy. The DB doesn’t connect to my host.