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Hi trip buddy, i like your app, but i have some presale questions which i sent to you via PM, kindly reply for i have sent you three presale PMs but you never give me a feed back despite the fact that i am interested in your products

Hey there,

I haven’t received any DMs yet… I think this might be a codecanyon issue since I haven’t got any DMs recently ( also checked out spam ).

While we will be implementing a self hosted ticketing system, you can always posting your questions in the comments or by sending us an email at contact@qwebdev.net.

Have a good one!

This script seems to ve listing more old stuff from Foursquare than current and compared to their actual app, the listings on my end seem nothing close nor current based on their app. Is there something you or myself can do to the api to make things current in the listings?

Hey there,

Not really sure if there’s anything you can do about the Forsquare based results. They are offered via their almost unlimited quoted API, so the results might not be the latest.

Will have a look if there is a way to get better results. You might also check it out at https://developer.foursquare.com/docs/

Have a good one!

PS: We are also looking into other 3rd party APIs in order to get more and better results.

Thanks for the input. The Content I am seeing is just outdated and doesn’t match the content Foursquare itself show (which is more relevant). I will dig around the API docs to see if there is anything I can do on my side..

Load time is horrible with this script. Anyway to speed it up?

Hey there,

Yeah, also experienced that on my local machine + shared hosting, what are you using?

On the other hand, with the smallest ( let’s say DigitalOcean ) VPS, you can improve that significantly.

Have a good one!

We run on a dedicated cloud.. from xerve9.com

Hi there, very interesting script—I am interested in possibly purchasing this but am curious re: the new feature to add my own listings which primarily what I am interested.

1. Is there the ability to import a .csv file or .xml into the site of all my listings to avoid doing it by hand in admin?

2. Are there any plans to make single listing pages, so that if a user clicks on a listing it can provide more information for each listing?

3. Any plans to had a more detailed sorting feature? For example, if I choose restaurants a way to sort the restaurants by type? Or to display listings from newest to oldest?

Thank you,


Hey there,

1. Not really. Still I think you can do that with PhpMyAdmin or any other MySQL client (eg: http://i.imgur.com/VbbdCKm.png )

2. Not really at the moment. We have considered that at a point but decided to stick with all items on a page, for an easier way of searching locations.

Will circle back to see what development resources would that take and come back to you.

3. That sounds good, we will look into that, sounds like a nice feature.

Have a great one, and let me know if you have any other questions.

your demo not working?

Hey, server was down for some reason. Should be working now ;)

demo not working again I am thinking about purchasing. But the responsive breakpoints are not working well for ipad. Are there clear details in the docs to adjust breakpoints. And can the background image be changes. Also is this clean code or you have encrypted it. Looking at the page source it doesnt look open.

Hey again,

Regarding the demo, we’ve noticed some issues with the SSL certificates which brings down the entire web server, still working on it.

About the iPad issues, what iPad, iOS and browser have you used?

The code is not encrypted, you can edit any files with any text editor. About the structure, it follows a quite simple MVC pattern, should be pretty self explinatory. The JS side could use improvements though.

Let me know if you have any other questions or issues.

Please set demo site, I am interested.

Hey there,

The demo should work at the time I write this comment, and should be for the next couple of days.

Having some SSL related issues which brings down the whole web server, still working on it.

Have a great one!

I purchased product but cant read the docs in the download file because they are pointing to your server and your server is down.

31/2 minutes to load a page – 3 minutes to load a search action – this is ridiculous. What is in the code that is causing such delays?. Its not from foursquare api as I use this in other feeds on the same server and its lightning fast in returning data.

So Loading time is ok now. But so many bugs in this script. Responsive mobile is terrible.

Hey there,

Noticed you said the loading is okay now. What was the problem with that?

About the responsiveness, please let me know what devices and browser did you use, so we can try to reproduce the issues and post some fixes.

We tested the app on the major phones (couple androids, iPhone 5/7) on chrome and native browsers and they worked well at that time.

Have a good one!

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Speed is very slow. lots of time says timeout. It doesnt show any results as well. I have configured all right. On your demo, it shows your location automatically and selects it. On myn it doesnt show. What can be the problem ?

Hey there, and sorry for the delayed answer.

Well, the slow loading time can be caused by many things. As I said before, I’ve experienced the same issue on my local machine.

Where do you have your hosting from? About the location, not sure what that might be about, can you re-check now? If the problem persists, we can have a look if you provide us FTP access.

Have a good one!

Speed is ok now, but doesnt show any results. I am sure that I have configured everything correctly. I am using Godaddy VPS. Can you please give me your email or skype id ?

Hey there, and sorry for the delay.

We’ve just opened up a support desk, where we should be able to communicate via email, because we’ve noticed envato’s system doesn’t send us emails anymore.

Send us a ticket and we’ll get back to you asap in order to check that issue you’re having.

- https://qwebdev.eu/support

Have a great one!

Anyway to set default load location instead of IP based? Mine is for one particular area only…

Hey there,

We can work something out regarding that. Basically, you could set up any default location inside the following file, at line 35.


In there you can also remove the geo location detection feature for good if you want to,

If you don’t manage to get it right, let us know here or open a ticket at https://qwebdev.eu/support and we’ll see what we can do about it.

Have a great one!

Got that portion figured out. Thank you.

It seems like you’re unreachable via any personal medium including your own site, i send you a PM, send you and email via contact@qwebdev.net and even opened a ticket at https://qwebdev.eu/support but i haven’t got any response , you have great products but i think you should make your self reachable to achieve good sales, especially via the normal codecanyon email support channel for a prospective buyer like me will sway away as using a new code needs support at times and if the guy offering the support is not reachable it becomes a nightmare therefore avoiding the products no matter how great they may seem


Sorry for the inconvenience, as mentioned before, for some reason we are not receiving codecanyon emails – that’s why we always used comments for presale comments.

You would have had an answer if you would just post a comment with your question rather than writing an equivalent response regarding me us not answering or spending that time into finding out your answers by exploring the app for more than 2 minutes.

PS: Answered your question on the desk ticket.

shokss is right, I was thinking in buying this code but due to what he is saying I´m not so convinced now as I was a few minutes ago

Is fine, you can get another app that you are more convinced of ;)

I want to buy your script. Is it possible to translate into Russian?

Hey there,

Yes, you can easily translate the app into any language. Check more info on https://qwebdev.net/envato/docs/apps/Tripbuddy.html#customisation

Have a great one!

I have the following error when trying to login to the admin panel: SQLSTATE HY000 php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

Please help me

Hey there,

You sure the Mysql provided info is correct? Please send a DM with more info, or FTP access, so we can have a look.

Have a good one!

Hello nice script. presales Question/.

1. does this script auto grab the events/etc data without admin interaction. 2. if auto grab / can we add manually club/events etc to the script from back-end. 3. is there any plan future to add ionic app support for this script as adding ionic to it add extra life for long term run. 4. is it safe to grab data and display other data and image on our website without there consent. 5. is it possible to add function where script search for the event/location/hotel’s near me instant near city.(because most location i search are far behind to travel it will took 10 hours) its better if we can set the setting to allow user search for the hotel near me.

Thank you,

This script pulls old locations. Foursquare API needs to be fixed in order to pull relevant and current information as it does on their website.

Hey man, and sorry for the delay, been quite caught up with so many things.

I will asign someone to have a look, especially if the data that forsquare returns is the same they provide via their public API, because I have the feeling the results are kind of old by definition.

Have a great one!

Any updates to fix this?

APP android is webview?

Hey there,

Yes, it is a simple android web view.

IOS mobile version for when ?

Is there iOS app ?

Any new update and upgrade for the item !

where is the demo???