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Great app

Why havent you release any new update?


Unfortunately we have been quite busy with some other projects so the update got a bit delayed.

We started looking on redesign options and some new features.

Will get back to you once more progress is made!

live demo not working

Hey there,

Working now ;)


I’d like to hide language menu, forcing just one kind of them. Also, I’d like to use a image carroussel as background, change colors and modify all search items. Can you help me?

Hey there,

If you can send us an email at contact@qwebdev.net and provide us FTP access we can try to help you with those changes – otherwise we could send you the info necessary to get started with it.

Also, a pretty big update regarding the design is on the way, hopefully it will come live this week.

Let me know !

Hello, is there a way for users to sign up / login and add their own listings, and admin set package options and prices for ads / listings?

Hey there,

Unfortunately, the users can not sign up and ad listings, but new locations can be added as admin from the admin panel.

Also there are is no ads publishing for users, but only admin panel setted ads so you can monetize the site.

Have a good one!

Your script “Tripbuddy” seems very interesting.
But why you have not updated it since November 2016?
When you would publish its next version, please?

Hey there,

We are quite busy with a lot of new projects, so this one has became a bit hard to keep up with.

Still, we have just launched a security fix which should be available quite soon on CC.

Have a good one!


Any new update coming with new features,.

its good script but features quit limited.

Thank You.

Demo not working :-/

I’m interested in buying your product but there is a question: It’s possible to add other languages, for example, Russian

Hey there,

Yup, you can add as much languages you wish under the /langs folder.

Have a great one!

I made everything as in the instructions but the installation error. SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/iozote

Hey there, and sorry for the delay!

Looks to me like versioning got a bit out of the control :) We send out couple rushed releases due importance ( eg: security fixes )

Since you have recently purchased the item, you should be already up to latest version, so don’t worry about the update for now.

Have a great one, and let me know if you have any other questions!

Hello I registered with you on the support site https://qwebdev.eu/support/, but I did not receive an email confirming my account what to do. I already sent you questions about your product. Here are the questions Can I add a city translation screenshot:http://prntscr.com/ir4bua and select a screenshot category:http://prntscr.com/ir4fsr into the files that are in the files that are in the langs folder. Today the script and the Android application stopped working when you press the search button, it does not find anything. Screenshot http://prntscr.com/ir4gk1 Website address After creating the application when clicking on the link How to fix this in the android app from the Android Market Screenshot http://prntscr.com/ir4hmb

Hey again,

Just seen your email – responding you there.

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Hey, just answered your previous comments.