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charging money for the demo? Lame

Demo? What you talking about. It’s a full functional app.

Can you please help me to add on itune ,i would like to buy the app and i can pay you to add the app in itune.Plese reply with

Sorry, missed your comment…

Is this app updated ? Will it work on IOS 5 and old ones for Ipod Touches ( including old version ) Iphone 3g/3gs .. Ipad ?

Working on iPhone and iPod Touches

I’ve just purchased this and the archive is empty…. What the heck ?

Ask CodeCanyon support guys, they should help with this issue


first of all I would like to say, that you app is unique and fun!

I´m a professional magician and would like to exchange the cartoon pics/faces with my own, as a give-away for my customers.

Is this possible without much of coding?

I´m a newbie in this field… ;-(

All the best, Harry

can u pls explain in detail how this app works?

Any chance you have an HTML5 version of this?