Treweler - Mapbox Maps Builder Plugin for WordPress

Treweler - Mapbox Maps Builder Plugin for WordPress

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Treweler is a flexible and multipurpose WordPress plugin based on the Mapbox web mapping platform. Its purpose is to help you create a custom map for your personal or business project. This combination of plugin functionality and Mapbox map customization provides limitless possibilities when creating a way to describe the world around us.

Complete Features List
  • Map Features
    • Fully integrated and compatible with WordPress and Mapbox platforms.
    • Create and manage any number of maps in a few clicks.
    • Display full-screen maps using any WordPress page.
    • Publish your map in any place using shortcode functionality and settings.
    • Great choice of pre-installed map styles
    • Ability to create your own style using Mapbox Design Studio.
    • The initial geographical center and zoom level.
    • Using the same map with different initial point and zoom settings.
    • Restrict the zoom range of the map.
    • The initial pitch and bearing.
    • Restrict map panning to coordinates or completely disable it.
    • Setting the display of standard map controls such as Distance Scale, Fullscreen, Search, Zoom & Pan, Geocoder and Geolocation.
    • Manage the display of the required Mapbox logo and text attribution.
    • Сhanging the language of text labels on maps.
    • Displaying a single world or multiple copies of the world.
    • Add a custom overlay color on the main map.
    • The ability automatically display the user’s current location at the initial map loading.
    • The “Geolocation” control to manually obtain the user’s current location.
    • Add a custom progress preloader with logo and text information that will appear once the entire map is loaded.
    • Add title, description and logo to make your maps unique.
    • Place additional information or interesting facts on the map, using information widgets.
    • Enable 3D terrain and 3D buildings for your Mapbox Studio style.
    • 3D projection of the globe and 7 additional map rpojections.
  • Markers & Popups
    • Add any number of markers to your maps.
    • Ability to add a marker to multiple maps.
    • Great choice of built-in marker styles with a wide range of settings.
    • Enable marker clusters to display a large number of markers on your map.
    • Enable marker popups and customize their styles and behavior.
    • Customize the opening and visibility of marker popups.
    • Activate the lightbox photo galleries to describe marked places in more detail.
    • Upload your own images in any graphic format as custom markers.
    • Google Material icons support.
    • Marker templates builder.
    • Custom fields builder.
    • Customize marker text labels for clearer navigation.
    • Group markers together using categories and related functionality.
    • Center marker on a click.
  • Interactive Tours
    • Ability to switch between markers and areas.
    • Two animation options: Jump or Fly.
    • Control the flight speed, flight curve and zoom level.
    • Enable or disable the display of popups when focusing on a marker during the tour.
    • Four possible tour controls positions.
    • Control markers offset by choosing any of the four possible directions.
  • Routes
    • The ability to manage any number of routes and their styles.
    • Draw a route using the draw tools and route match modes (driving, walking, cycling).
    • Import a route in GPX file format.
    • Customize the following route line styles: color, width, opacity, dash and gap.
    • Ability to add a route to multiple maps.
    • Group routes together using categories and related functionality.
  • Countries & Regions Boundaries
    • Build and customize any combination of countries or regions.
    • Countries boundaries presets (Entire World, by Continents, by United Nations regions, by World Bank Regions, by Subregions, and any custom combination).
    • Admin 1 and admin 2 regions boundaries for the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, USA.
    • Polygon fill color and opacity settings (initial state, hover state, selected state, custom state).
    • Polygon stroke color and opacity settings.
    • Action on click settings (none, open link).
    • Hover settings (none, popup with region name, popup with region name and custom value).
  • Store Locator
    • Display map markers within the user’s vicinity.
    • Display map markers in the vicinity of the area on the map that the user chooses.
    • Determined user’s position automatically, set manually by clicking on the map, or by using an intuitive address search with auto-completion.
    • Custom styles for the geolocation marker.
    • Option to show only necessary controls on the map (address search, automatic geolocation icon, sort by distance).
    • Option to place controls in a preferred corner of the map.
    • Sorting locations by distance.
    • Custom values for sorting by distance.
    • Setting default value for sorting by distance.
    • Setting distance sorting in either kilometers or miles.
    • Intuitive address search with auto-completion.
  • Shapes & Drawing Tools
    • Add any number of shapes to your maps.
    • Add a shape to multiple maps.
    • Add lines by using the Line tool.
    • Add other varieties of shapes using the Polygon tool.
    • Add circles with the Circle tool.
    • Use the Bezier tool to draw and edit bezier curves.
    • Customize shapes by the following list of style settings: fill color and opacity, stroke color and opacity, stroke width, dash and gap.
  • Marker Templates Builder
    • Making a large number of markers in the same style by creating a marker template.
    • Marker style templates.
    • Marker popup and image gallery templates.
    • Marker text label templates.
    • Marker custom fields templates.
    • Change any marker setting while keeping the rest of the template settings.
  • Custom Fields Builder
    • Expand your marker popup information with custom fields builder.
    • Create any number of custom fields.
    • Use the following types of custom fields: text, link, email, phone, and separator.
    • Edit custom fields text information, and change their style and order.
    • Default and custom values.
## [1.12] - 01-10-2022
### Added
- 3D projection of the globe
- Map projections support
- Center a marker on a click
### Changed
- Primary font for all plugin elements
### Fixed
- Opening links in a new tab for region boundaries

## [1.11] - 18-08-2022
### Added
- Country and region boundaries.
- Ability to embed a single map with different initial point and initial zoom level settings.
- Disable map panning or restrict it to an area.
- Display a single world or multiple copies of the world on a map.
- Customizable overlay color with opacity above the map.
- Mapbox GL JS 2.9.1 version support.
### Fixed
- The issue with the validation of restricted Mapbox tokens.
- Page title encoding for different languages.

## [1.10] - 10-05-2022
### Added
- Shapes & Drawing Tools.
- Mapbox GL JS 2.8.2 version support.
### Fixed
- The "Settings" link issue on the WordPress "Plugins" page.

## [1.09] - 11-03-2022
### Added
- Map Store Locator.
- Ability to add a route to multiple maps.
### Fixed
- Bootstrap conflict for some WordPress themes.
- GPX file uploader conflict with the Revolution Slider plugin.
- Map clustering stops working when the marker text label field is empty.

## [1.08] - 15-02-2022
### Added
- Mapbox GL JS 2.7 version support.
- Ability to add a marker to multiple maps.
### Fixed
- WordPress user roles issue.
- Blurring map elements, for maps inserted using a shortcode.
- Changing the logo size after adding widgets.

## [1.07] - 27-01-2022
### Fixed
- Errors in marker settings when using templates.
- Displaying the logo of the map and preloader.

## [1.06] - 24-01-2022
### Added
- Marker templates. 
### Fixed
- Minor code fixes and improvements.

## [1.05] - 29-12-2021
### Added
- The "Additional CSS" field for adding custom CSS code.
- Position settings for map controls.
- New "Geolocation" control to manually obtain the user's current location.
- The ability automatically obtain the user's current location at the initial map loading.
- Manually adding and removing custom fields on the marker settings page.
- Default values for custom fields.
### Changed
- Plugin main settings page layout.
- Map controls settings moved to the "Controls" tab on the map setting page.
### Fixed
- Scrolling pages issue in the "Salient" theme.
- Icons preview issue for the icon-pickers.

## [1.04] - 16-12-2021
### Added
- Custom fields builder.
### Fixed
- Lightbox gallery issue with a single image.

## [1.03] - 02-12-2021
### Added
- Lightbox image gallery for markers.
- Link settings for the map logo.
- Mapbox GL JS 2.6.1 version support.
### Changed
- The active tab is not reset after clicking on the "Publish" or "Update" buttons in the admin panel.
- Plugin icon in the WordPress admin menu.
- The minimum width of the container for the widget text description.
### Fixed
- 404 error issue for maps embedded via shortcode.
- Displaying markers on the map if they belong to more than one category.
- Translation of text placeholders for the category drop-down list.
- Z-index for the category drop-down list.
- Right-margin issue for the widget text descriptions.

## [1.02] - 18-11-2021
### Added
- Google Material icons for "Dot" and "Balloon" markers.
### Changed
- Custom marker settings moved to the "Marker Styles" settings group.
- The layout of settings for "Balloon" markers.
- Color-pickers and icon-pickers now open upwards.
### Fixed
- Flickering of halo when hovering over "Point" markers.

## [1.01] - 09-11-2021
### Fixed
- Overlapping of elements with clusters.
- Minor code fixes and improvements.

## [1.00] - 09-11-2021
### Initial Release

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