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Hi, any updates coming soon with the Payments module?

I really like the script but I need paypal as payment method to pay for ads.

Hi sereneides,
Actually no plans for this.
I’ll try to add smt like this but i can’t promise that i’ll add it soon.

Marian Uta

Hi is it a OOP script ? or framework based ? and is it easy to change something ?


Yes, this is oop based, no framework used.
And yes. it easy to add something new.

Marian Uta

Hi there,

Is it possible to have to make the user sign in before viewing the events and locations?

P.s love the script, pretty much what im looking for :)

Yes, you can restrict this page with a message like : “You need to log in to see this location/event”.

hi i have error 500 with setup the file. i think it’s arrives when multiview is activated. can you help me please ? i’m setup on http://localhost/guide

Check your config file.
If not working, contact me via my codecanyon profile.

Hi there,

Cant get my locations to show up once added.

Ive confirmed them in the admin and they still wont show up?


Doesn’t upload pictures correctly

Check upload folder permission, need to have 755.
Marian Uta

Will paypal module can be added to travel guide? Allow customers to Advertise payment functions.and It can be translated in other languages?,thanks.

No plans now for this.

any updateS?

Actually no.

any updates for 2014? say, social logins/sign-ups? in this way the entire script would be fresh to attract more users

Hmmm, not sure what to say. But i’ll try to add smt into this script.

Hello. I bought the script. I upload photos, pictures can not be displayed properly on the page,How do I solve this problem,thanks~

I have been through Travel Script – Support, Customer name: jaka, Date :12-01-2013 / 12:22:25 pm

Set your uploads folder permissions 755 ( uploads folders and all filles/folders inside ).
Marian Uta

ok,now is work…..thanks~~I give 5 stars

After Purchase can modify this script as i need ?

You can modify it to fit your needs.

some display issues on mac/safari

What issues ?


I did everything in the install help but nothing displays. can you help me?

Send your website url + ftp account to check it.

Hello, i have send you email saying “server not found” error now it fixed but now i have problem with uploading images, admin section images get uploaded but cant view it, user section images not get uploaded How do I solve this problem ? thanks!

Send your website url + ftp account via my cc profile and i’ll check it.

Done ! :)

Please try to fix it soon .. :) thanks !

have access to admin? have a demo to admin?

sorry i have the access… very thanks

Yes, you can edit.
You just need to edit this file :

any new updates or lined updates for 2014?

say, social logins/sign-ups? in this way the entire script would be fresh to attract more users

can you help me out with my site? thumbnail seems not appearing in the home page.

Did you fixed it ?

Hi on signup, users not receive activation link by email, it’s in my mind open for spam …

You can edit this script and add this function.

Hi! Dreamweaver says line 25 in header.tpl has a syntax error: var LD_CENTER = {if $sl0.sl_zoom!=’‘}{$sl0.sl_zoom}{else}0{/if};

This isn’t an error! I’m using an template system.
Use notepad++ instead of dreamweaver.

hello, I have a problem to install it, I get error with htaccess .. The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them support@ of the time the error occurred, and anything you Might Have done that May have Caused the mistake.

More information about this Error May be available in the server error log.

do not know how to fix it: (

hello! and fix the problem, now I come to another, I do not add review, or news or pages …..

Ya and it solved all, it was a failure in the database. The only problem I have left, to post a comment I get invalid capcha …

Check your captcha API key

Hello, I have a problem with installation of the script and asking for your help. I have no response.

As i get your email, you already installed it.

hello! and are all the bug fixes, but testing and seen that there are some bugs that could improve in future versions, the menu is not fully displayed from smartphone, and the menu of locations, if you give mistakenly delete, delete directly. .. in this case would be nice to warn before it will be removed.

For the rest the script is great!


PD. Good work!

Thx for all suggestions.

Marian Uta