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very cool work ! i whish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you Eric.

Hello – I purchased this product today but the source files have a ’.an’ extension and I cannot get the files to open in my current copy of Adobe Animate CC. Neither will the ’.an’ files import into Animate. I attempted to change the file extension to ’.fla’. This did not work either. Please help.

Hi there, this template is for Edge Animate CC not for Animate CC (as described in the Item Details page). These two are two different softwares. To make changes you need to open the files in Edge Animate.

Buyer Beware – This banner template product is not compatible with the most current version of Adobe Animate CC. The author does make it clear that it functions with Adobe Edge Animate CC, but the Edge Animate product is essentially a temporary bridge product that Adobe released as they migrated from the old Flash framework to the HTML5 canvas framework – which is actually still in progress at Adobe. Indeed, the newest version of Adobe Animate still outputs a .FLA extension for its native files. Apparently, the temporary Edge Animate product outputs a .AN extension that is completely incompatible with the newer Adobe Animate CC. The .AN files cannot be opened or even imported into the new Adobe Animate. So, unless you are using the older Edge Animate, the .AN files are essentially useless for anyone using the latest software from Adobe. The Envato Market product page does not offer any information about this incompatibility and the author was not willing to offer me a refund after I brought this to his attention. Instead, I was informed by the author that my only option was to download the older software from Adobe. Even if you were willing to do this, Adobe has already discontinued the Edge software – it is no longer available at the Adobe website or from the Creative Cloud. Do not buy this banner template product unless you are committed to using the older Adobe Edge Animate CC software.

Hi Again,
AS ABOVE you have to open these files in Edge Animate NOT in Animate CC because it is based on Flash not HTML. You can’t throw a big rant by writing a huge article especially when you do not know the different between the two different software yourself.
Before buying, you did not ask if this will work with Animate CC. Also if you read the Item Description Page you will find the word Edge at least 9 times, on that page alone. e.g.
1. Opens With: Adobe Edge Animate CC.
2. Software Version: Edge Animate CC 2015
3. Editable with Notepad, Dreamweaver or Adobe Edge Animate CC
4. Edge Working files

And yes you can still download the software from Creative Cloud. It is under Previous Versions. I told you that in my email too.
As far as the refund goes, you never asked. You asked for a solution and i advised on downloading Edge Animate CC.

Hello EdgeOfficial.

First of all, my ‘Buyer Beware’ message is not a rant. Rather, it is an effort to assist other buyers like myself to have the best information in order to make a purchase decision.

Second, you have made a very serious accusation about my ability to discern different Adobe applications, basically insinuating that I am either ignorant or stupid or both. That is neither a wise nor proper action to take against your own customer who paid for a product that is not usable – at least not with the most current, up-to-date software offered by Adobe. In no part of my post did I insult you or treat you with disrespect.

That brings me to the third matter: Regarding the 2 applications that are part of this exchange between you and me. While it is true that I was not familiar with Adobe Edge Animate, I was and am very familiar with Adobe Animate CC and its predecessor Flash Professional. It has become very clear to me that Edge Animate was developed as a temporary bridge application between Flash Pro and Animate CC – and that its framework would eventually be deprecated in favor of the most current and up-to-date framework offered in the Animate CC product. And this is not hearsay, it is documented on the Adobe website here:


You even acknowledge yourself that Edge Animate is an older product by identifying its location under ‘Previous Versions’.

Before purchasing your product, I was admittedly lacking a full understanding of the history and limited future of Edge Animate. I assumed that it would at the very least fall into a typical line of backward compatibility that is commonplace in software development. In this situation, nothing could be farther from reality. The native source files from Edge Animate are totally <bold>incompatible</bold> with the newer Animate CC software. It is as simple as that.

Regardless of your defense that you repeatedly identify your products as being compatible with Edge, you did not properly inform your customers (I am one of those) that your template products <bold>will absolutely not work with the newer version of the Adobe Animate CC software.</bold>

I find it shameful that you found it necessary to insult me over these matters.

Finally, regarding a refund, I should have pointed out in my earlier post that I made the refund request with EnvatoMarket initially, not with you. However, I did receive a message from EnvatoMarket that the refund request had indeed been declined… by you.

I consider the matter with you now closed. It makes no sense to argue further across the ocean over a $16 software product – albeit one that I cannot use. Please keep this in mind as you consider all of this. You have my money and I cannot get it back. I have your template files that will only work with outdated Adobe software that Adobe has documented that they will no longer support.

Sorry it seems you have way too much time, which we don’t. I am happy to refund you as it is not worth my time. So please send through your request.
And next time please check the software compatibility before you download an item, or ask if unsure. In fact compatibility should be the first thing everyone should check.
Also please note that CodeCanyon does not (yet) have a category for Animate CC. And you cannot expect ALL edge templates to write warnings about the compatibility. Especially when you are already under the Edge Animate category and it says Software Version: Edge Animate or Open with: Edge Animate.

Hey man, I just bought your banner and it’s not working for me either, unfortunatelly I just came to this forum to find out what’s going on and find out that this is not woking with Animate CC, you should just mention this on the promoted image to avoid more problems. Really sorry but I will want my money back, this was bought 1 min ago. There is no Edge Animate on Adobe CC so it’s imposible to me to work with it.Thanks.

Hey emipas, Please check your email i have sent you details on how to download Adobe Edge Animate. Let us know if you need any more help. Thanks for your purchase again.

This is beautiful.

Thank you st1s