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Nice game! wish you good sales :)

Project is on Eclipse or Android Studio?

This project was developed with free version of Unity Game engine. You can find details of this game engine here:: http://madewith.unity.com/

Can you give me documentation link of your script

we are really sorry…. documentation available only on buying…

work android studio?

no… works on “unity game engine”

you are provide source code right ?

yes…. source code + graphics + sound fx

+ documentation

hi there. i want to buy full source of this game. please tell me how to buy it. support also needed. thanks

click on buy now for the item you want to buy… and you will have to pay online…. for the complete process you can follow some tutorial from youtube for codecanyon item buying… hope it helps. Thank you.

how you deliver the source code,... within how much time? what else i’ll have after payment?

you get source code as soon as you buy it. On payment you will get:: 1. Source Codes 2. APK 3. Documentation (with image instructions) 4. Video Tutorials 5. All Sound effects 6. All Graphics.


I really liked your app which is listed in CodeCanyon.com, I was about to buy the app but suddenly I checked the discussion panel in the app.

The people listed so many problems in the app, so I am afraid to buy. Can you please provide me details what are the issues. What if I really got the same issues as people mentioned in the comments section what I will do ? My $$ will be wasted ? & Can I modify/reskin this app in Unity 5.3.3 ?

Waiting for your kind reply Thanks

it is problem in character/player controller buttons

Please reply, I am waiting

can you please send us the error code?

i have problem send me msg in patrickboiselle86@gmail.com thnx i wait

can you post the errors/problems here… so that other can also take help from it :)

lots of compile errors

Can you post the error message please?

i had sent you an email 4 or 5 times about a month ago but you haven’t replied since then. is this your after sales or you just keep selling your game thats it. i am unable to build APK what should i do?

Can you post the error message please?

Very nice job dude =)

Hi!. I opened the game project with Unity 4.6 but I got this error error CS0117: `UnityEditor.BuildTargetGroup’ does not contain a definition for `iOS’. How can I fix it?

Do you have appropriate environment for iOS…. we did check for Android build but not with iOS…. but its a unity feature for having iOS build… so may googling will help… let us know if you still have not find out any solutions.


harbi46 Purchased

Hi, i must change images and sprites? Am I forced to change?


harbi46 Purchased

i buy this project, Can you send me image links, please!