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Can you book multiple vehicles at the same time?

currently not possible.

Presale question: I am interested to buy transporter script but I have couple of questions:

1) Can I change the currency from backend? I can see that by default USD ($) is shown on the website but since I am from India, I need the transactions to be done in INR (Indian Rupee)

2) Is there a way to implement other payment gateway processor other than Paypal? I want to use ccavenues and/or PayuMoney. I know that custom gateway integration would not be in the scope of this project but I would like to know if you can help by giving documentation or suggestion on how to interact with the functions to integrate another payment gateway?

3) Can I add a “Book Now” button on the fleet description page so that the same fleet gets booked by clicking on the button?

4) Does the fleet status gets changed to “occupied” or something if the fleet is already booked for the dates for which another customer is trying to book it?

I am looking forward for your prompt response soon :)

Thank You!

i replied your email.

yes I got it. Thank You! I will buy it soon :)



uxertips Purchased

I have a question superright, Can use this for english teaching services. Let’s say students(prospect) requests a teacher and so can I send the the location to a teacher ones we have the payment?

Yes it may need some customizations.


themgeo Purchased

Hello Superight,
“Transporter” seems like a really nice, straightforward and well-organised script, most probably fitting my needs, in case I can make certain alterations to the existing layout.

I would like to ask if is it possible to:
  • Make the booking-page visible/accessible only to registered users?
  • The administrator to create new users in the backend while disabling front-end registration for visitors?
  • The administrator to edit and change the booking details (like time, date, etc.) and a new email to be send with the edited booking details?
  • The administrator to have an “Accept job”-button for a job booked by a customer, and for the customer to receive an automated “Job accepted” email?
  • Add new fields or modify existing ones during the booking process, change which one are required? (ex. Add fields for “Receiver”, information for “Transportation bill”, “Dimensions”, etc.)
  • Booking number and other info to be displayed in “My Bookings” overview?
  • Search Bookings by various fields? (ex. Date, Order number, Receiver, etc.)
  • Look at history for previous orders in PDF form?
  • Remake the navigation bar to horizontal instead of vertical?
  • Emails sent to clients to be in encoded in UTF-8 in order to display the letters of other European languages?
Is it possible to help me with above-mentioned or any other costumizations in general?

Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

Hi thanks for your interest following are your answers 1-yes 2-yes 3-yes 4-yes need some explanation 5-yes 6-yes 7-yes 8-yes 9-yes 10-yes Please come on skype for further discussion or email me my skype id is superight.com