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Good Work !! GLWS :)

Hey does thos app work for the iPhone 6/6+? Also is it easy to customize, such as the buttons, background, and adding an iad banner at the bottom of the screen? Thanks!

Yes the app works on iPhone 6/6+. For customize, you have a .xib file and you can change all. Easy for change? Depends if you have some knowledge of ios interfaces.

You can see the video and screen shots. And if you need help you can contact me

Hi, i purchased the key at Google and configured as is in the manual. Im getting this error here….Can you help me?

iTranslator[1169:274397] * Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSRangeException’, reason: ‘* -[__NSArrayM objectAtIndex:]: index 0 beyond bounds for empty array’
  • First throw call stack: (0×1857e6084 0×195e240e4 0×1856cbbec 0×1000b3e7c 0×18a1ec040 0×18a523acc 0×18a1161f4 0×18a115d14 0×18990d64c 0×18990d4e4 0×186929d84 0×185788f34 0×18579db38 0×18579da98 0×18579ba18 0×1856c9664 0×18e8035a4 0×189fce4f8 0×1000b3ae4 0×196492a08) libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException

Of course, I will help you. Add me to skype because I need more information, I have check the code and works ok. My skype user is helikeapps

I have 3 error when i open it with Xcode also one error when i tried to achieved it :

import <UIKit/UIAlertController.h>

any help :(

have you solved the issue?

No there is some errors.

Add me to skype, my user is helikeapps, and I will solve your errors

Does it have admob banner and does it work offline or you need to have internet connection for that. ?

The translator doesn’t have admob banner, if you need we can talk about. And yes, it needs internet connection, it call to google or microsoft server for get languages and for translate

Hello, I followed the documentation, created the API KEY and enable the BILLING but the app not showing any languages and getting NULL when pressing the TRANSLATE button. Can you tell me what I missed? thanks

Add me on skype and I will help you. My user is helikeapps

Is it support 64 bit ?

No, it don’t

Does this app still working and supported on latest iOS and Xcode? Also, google api is no longer free and is microsoft api translation free? Thanks.

Yes, I have tested on latest IOS and Xcode and the app works. Microsoft API is free 2 million of character/month.

Please add 64 bit support, I want to purchase it

Hello, hope to see it being updated for new iPhone/iPad resolutions and 64 bit support. can’t wait to buy it :)

Hello, did u get time to update the project?

hello, is the code updated now? when can i purchase this?

I would like to change the language of the languages’ menus to Arabic instead of English. Is that possible?

Hi , you can add Admob id in the app?