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Hi Sir it’s good app but can u add Arabic language pliiiz

Yes, we can added it easily, buy it and we will update for you fastest !

can we add our own language?

Own language mean ?

hello, wich API translator use it ?

Google Translate

Is it a payment API?

Yes,pay for it. You can use free for it

Thank you

Glws!.. how to add any other languages..?

Yes, easily, only know code of language, such as Arabic is ar :)

Cool and awesome

hi, cool app, is it possible to upload this to google play ? there is no problem in doing that right ?

Yes, no problem

Good app, worth buy. Can you add hindi language also for translation.

Yes, we can add Hindi , arabic in 5 minutes

please i want to add my own language which is yoruba

Yes, we can do this. If google translate support it