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Your demo page not work! Could you tell me where can I try your demo?

Hello sophy,

It works now, sorry for the trouble. I started using CloudFlare and it seems I forgot adding the sub-domain records for “demo”.

Thank you for your notification.

I wish you best of luck with your projects.

your script work for HINDI language need for site like

Hello Wptit,

It seems yes, it does support Hindi. I tried “Hello World” with their API and I got following responses;

  • Ciao Mondo
  • ??????

So depending on your need, a little modification should do the trick for you. Due to example link you gave me, I would also recommend you to check out our Dictionary item.

We wish you best of luck with your projects.

Hi there, does it work with shopify?


I’m sorry for the delay it seems I’m not getting e-mails for the comments. This is just a PHP Class. That’s why it could have a use for almost any project.

If you could let me know on what exactly you need, I might be able to help you.

Please let me know the details by sending me an e-mail through my profile.

would this work for a mobile app ? I need an api that can translate a mobile app from Spanish to English. Thanks

My pleasure. I have prepared and used Java version of this class for a Java app (using Javafx). If you’re using Java for your mobile app, you could use this Java class easier as you could do that within your application.

However if you would like to use a web API, I would recommend using my Dictionary item and I could work on a modification to add API (private or public) for you to do the translations depending on your need.

Thanks for the reply, How would it work. My guess is that I would have to buy and install your dictionary script found here and then I would have my own api, that would run on my own server, that I can use on both apps, android and ios, correct ? and if that is correct what would be the next step. The reason why I’m trying to find another way to translate my apps since Google translate api is too expensive for the amount of translations I’m going to be using.

Basically yes. I’d need to customize and add an API to this product (it doesn’t have an API at the moment). I’d need to discuss how and what you need so I could prepare the API for you. Unless of course if you prefer to add this feature yourself.

Once you have the API ready, you can basically call it from any application as the response is JSON.

If you like, please contact me through my profile and we can discuss it further.


pol82 Purchased

Hello, I just purchased, but I don;t have any php experience. Would you mind sharing how code page would look like with your test page in the middle, ads on left, right and bottom? I can;t figure it out

Hello pol82,

Thank you for your purchase. However I believe you have purchased a wrong item. This item supposed to be for people with PHP experience / knowledge. Of course they don’t have to be experts but some beginner / jr. level knowledge is required.

From what I understand, Dictionary item ( would be much more suiting to your needs.


kerle Purchased

Hello. I paid your translation article translate it. I lost myself a little. Can you help me in the instalation. thank you very much

Hello kerle

Thank you for your purchase. Sure thing, please send me an e-mail through my profile.

Please keep in mind that this is a PHP class which means you need at least basic PHP and HTML knowledge / understanding to be able to use it on a website.

Hello, if I need a new language is it possible ?

Hello gazerad,

This depends. Usually it is OK but better to double check and see if supports it as it is using their API.

Alternatively you could give me the language so I could check that out for you.

is this going to be updated to not use old mysql ??? to example mysqli ?

I don’t see any purchase on your account for this product. Are you sure it is this product?

oops, sorry, must have come into wrong, sorry, you are absolutly right, its wrong one.. my apologies :)

No problem :) I haven’t used anything but PDO at least since 2010 on anything that I worked with. That’s why I was really surprised and baffled to hear about mysql_* or mysqli for this item :)

Best of luck with your projects mrterje