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Very nice idea and it looks great!

Perhaps I will purchase… Good luck with selling!

hi it’s possible get data from multiple facebook page?

No, for now only from one. But you can use multiple instance of the script for create a website for each facebook page.

Is it possible to create blogger posts from facebook? That would be Great ;)

No, facebook api are limited.

hi.. how many last post that can be set ? .... can set for feed or all post (include post by others) ?

Only the page post. The maximum is 10 post given by the API.

hi, i can only show my last 10 post (text & photo), without answers? right?

any plans of downloading or including the public albums in facebook?

Any plan to update ?

cronjob daily facebook post and cache it everyday

index get newest post by date and can see older ?

i configure everything add my app id and secret and it’s not working. can anyone contact me at


Does it grab photo description also?

Can i load just one album and its photos?



The map is not showing in my website only a link to google map but no map.

Can you help?


Sorry, the video is not supported at the moment.

Hi, I’ve got some problems with this plugin. it displays only one picture (the last post) and nothing can I do?

Hi, it is limited to Faebook API, do you referer for post or for album? Is it public?

I’d like to display albums, with photos, and posts too..I’ve created a facebook app, and inserted ID Secret and token in the plugin..but it doesn’t only displays one picture..

Hey everyone am Maurice can your please help me to install this php Dolphin script that i buy. Am having a hard time installing it for the pass 3 weeks. i already upload it to my FTP SERVER. I jest need help to install and set-up. this is my email

Ciao, come faccio a far vedere gli album nella pagina, come l’esempio presente? grazie

Hiya interested in BUYING, but no one has got back to any comments made in 2-YEARS – should I buy or NOT?

seems I am right – No one is interested in SELLING me this , so why should I buy it?