Training Management System - TrainEasy

Training Management System - TrainEasy

TrainEasy is a powerful and easy to use training management and registration application. It is designed for businesses, NGOs, religious bodies and individuals who organize any form of training program.
With TrainEasy, you get both a responsive website frontend for your Students and Site visitors as well as a powerful admin backend to administer your site and training programs.
TrainEasy also comes with a powerful content management system. Hence this application can serve as both your website (with information pages) as well as a student portal.
For detailed information about all the features of this application, please view our user guide.

Free installation now included!

We now offer absolutely FREE installation services for TrainEasy. To qualify for this, you must provide us with the following:

  • A minimum of FTP access to a hosting sever running a minimum of PHP5.5 and Apache
  • Mysql/Mariadb database access credentials i.e Hostname, Database name, Username, Password and port
Please note that we will only setup once per purchase.


Visit the Frontend

Use the following credentials to login as a student (optional):
Password: password



Login to the Backend

Use the following credentials to login:

Password: password


Log In


Session Management

Create multiple sessions and configure each session based on your needs. Optionally enable payment collection for session enrollment. The following payment methods are available: Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout and Paystack. TrainEasy supports all currencies.

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Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard gives you admins and studnets overview of key statistics of the application as well as quick access to recent records

Admin Dashboard
Student Dashboard

Class Management

Create multiple classes and assign them to Sessions during Session creation.


Student Management

Students can register on the frontend of the application or can be added manually through the backend. TrainEasy also features a form builder that enables you to add as many registration fields and attributes to a student as you require.


Attendance Management

TrainEasy make it easy for you to monitor and log attendance records for your students. There are multiple attendance logging methods available that enable you set attendance either online or offline.


Online Tests

TrainEasy comes with a powerful online testing/assessment feature. Save yourself the paperwork and switch to TrainEasy’s computer based tests! Tests can be created with multiple options such as Time limit, Session restriction, Attempt limits etc. Students will see their results immediately after completing the test.


Download Management

TrainEasy comes with a powerful download management feature that enables admins/instructors easily share files with students. This feature also enables you to restrict certain files to students that are enrolled in sessions you sepecify.


Certificate Generation

Eliminate paper certificates forever! TrainEasy comes with a powerful certificate generation feature that enables you totally eliminate the need for creating paper certificates for each Student at the conclusion of your training programs. This feature can also be used to generate other documents such as admission letters.


Revision Notes

TrainEasy allows you to create revision notes for each class that only enrolled students can access.

Student Discussions/Support

Student Discussions/Support: TrainEasy comes with an easy to use discussion module that enables students interact with their teachers/admins easily.


Lots of Settings!

TrainEasy enables you to configure lots of settings on your site. Change colors, set smtp mail credentials, change the text on menus, hide or show menu options and lots more!


Content Management System

Easily add new information pages to your site. TrainEasy’s content management system makes it very easy to manage pages on your site as well as your homepage.
Add slideshows, signup form, session calendar, text and more to your homepage in seconds.



TrainEasy comes with a simple blog feature with comments powered by Disqus.

And lots more!

Update13 September 2017 (v1.4)

  1. Download management: There is now a powerful download management feature which enables admins/instructors easily share files with students in a secure manager. Downloads can be assigned to sessions which will force them to be accessible only to enrolled students.
  2. Students now have an informative dashboard that shows recent sessions, enrolled sessions, discussions, downloads and revision notes. Also, the student’s portal interface is now separate from the rest of the front-end.
  3. The certificate designer can now display the dates for classes attended
  4. Bug fix for admin password reset.

Update 22 June 2017 (v1.3)

  1. Certificate Generation: Admins can now design certificates and letters that students can download.
  2. New Theme: Upgraded the frontend and backend themes.
  3. Bug Fixes.

Update 8. Mar. 2017 (v1.1)

  1. Instructor management: Users can now assign instructors to their classes. Assigned instructors are also visible on the timetable on the frontend.
  2. File/Image upload field on registration form: The student registration form builder now supports a file fields. Now students can attach images and documents to their profiles. Acceptable file types include jpg, png, gif, png, doc and docx.
  3. Time fields for classes: Users can now specify the start and end time for classes when they are being assigned to sessions (on the session creation/editing page).
  4. Automatic reminders for classes: The system can now send out automatic email notifications for upcoming classes to students and instructors. Please see updated documentation for more information and configuration instructions.
  5. Some minor bug fixes and layout enhancements.

Update 12. Mar. 2017 (v1.2)

  1. Added importing and exporting student records
  2. Some minor bug fixes