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Using IE7 and Vista i only see the hover of the tabs changing background colour no animation Also the horizontal tabs are broken with the tabs sitting below the animated horizontal scrolling element

Wow… I thought I tested it in IE6 /7 but I must have changed something afterwards to break the layout. I’ll take a look into the issue and fix it ASAP .

The patch has been submitted. It has been tested using Internet Explorer 8’s IE7 compatibility mode, and also using IE6 . There were only minor syntactical changes that had to be made to the demo; the script itself works fine on those two browser versions. As soon as it’s reviewed you can rest assured that it’ll work in these older versions of IE.

The patch has been approved; those problems should be solved.

looks like the jquery lavalamp, just not as powerful? Am I wrong?

Reading over a few LavaLamp tutorials, I can tell you that LavaLamp does have similar features, but the setup (especially CSS ) looks much more complicated than that of TrailingArrow. In addition to the higher setup difficulty, naming practices (such as list-item class names) are strongly enforced in LavaLamp, whereas TrailingArrow affords you ultimate flexibility with this. It is true that LavaLamp allows you to create moving overlays for list items, but this is one of the updates currently planned for TrailingArrow. I’m not sure if LavaLamp has any planned (as I haven’t looked deep enough to find a Roadmap), but it’s quite possible that the creators of LavaLamp may be less motivated to update it since it is free software.

Hi, thanks for your answer!

not sure which one you have read. I’m talking about (and using) this one:

and there are no naming practices, you just give the script the navigation ul and the rest is more or less done (you only have to adjust the css if you want something really special…)

just like this:


The entire simplicity of LavaLamp lies in the fact that naming practices (i.e. classes) on the elements are enforced. That is the information I gleaned from looking at some samples of LavaLamp. The javascript code may be simpler, but the CSS is needlessly complicated.

This is a fantastic, simple script. My only problem is when the width of the list items is percentage based and the width is changed by a media query trigger. Could you have a look at and see if there’s any sort of solution to my problem? Re-size the browser window below 960 and look what happens to the arrow. (It happens because the LI elements width changes when the browser scales down to that size.)

Did you get your problem fixed? Sorry that I abandoned this script for so long, but I frankly had a lot of other stuff to do in that time. If I get any more bug reports, I’ll be able to fix them now.

The method demonstrated doesn’t validate in HTML5 (I should have checked this before I purchased). Also, it appears the author has discontinued supporting this item.

Amazing! Good sales for you