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I found error on blue and yellow line.

can you increase the speed while you are playing or it’s just a fixed speed?

speed fixed in source code

if i buy could you add chartboost?

I don’t do customization

can i change the dots with images?

how many levels?

this application is good working @tablet pc , but it’s not working on mobile… Because, ball are going, they are don’t stopping on the right or down. It doesn’t game over, no game over…. It’s bug… I want to money !

Tomorrow I will check this game. Write your mail and I will send you fixed game if I will found there any bugs.

thanks for reply.. mail : yellowanil@hotmail.com | I’am waiting your mail…

I sent you my code, it is not working for me neither in eclipse luna neither android studio. If you could compile to me and send me back, i would appreciate

Could you please refund me? The game seems interesting but it is not compiling properly even i changing the eclipse.ini file.

I’ve tried to reach you by mail. these codes doesn’t work properly. please money refund. !!!

Please check your mail box and need skype !

Please check your mail box and need skype !

Please check your mail box and need skype !

I like your games, but I cannot buy them because I need a complete solution with levels. You have score, ads, nice game play, sounds, but the levels system is missing in all of your games. Maybe you will implement this in you future games?

Hello Flashdeveloper

I brought this and imported into Eclipse. However the main screen is missing the leaderboard and the Google+ as well as admob is missing from the play screen.

How do I fix these issues? Thank you.

Hello Flashdeveloper,

Please disregard my last post. I figured out my problem. I forgot to make the change in the androidmanifest file as pointed out in your documentation.

Thank you.

Hi. I bought the game. Have PSD version of the image used in the game? Can you send to xrayecode@gmail.com address?

I havn’t PSD, image was saved to PNG from vector from Flash

Ok. Thanks

Gime my money back… Fake product.

I can’t upload a game to Google Play with this code. Google Plays will give you an strike to your account if you do this.

Gime my money back !!!!

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

All the comments on this product are negative. Why is this person still selling this product?

And what this person can do, if people buy the code and don’t understand how to edit source? Or they try do upload a duplicate on Google Play. Than they come back here to write a bad comment. But what if the problem is not in the source, but in their SDK or their skills or something else? Who can answer? It’s the easiest way to write here a bad comment, but other people use the source very good.

You might be right, but remember a good support will always take you to success.