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How many features in this rely on Feedburner?

Article – Google Reader Is Dead, Feedburner Is Next – http://bit.ly/Yq9eo4

Article – Google: Will You Please Kill FeedBurner? – http://bit.ly/16ByPwS

:) it dose not matter whether you’r using FeedBerner or google reader or any. With ‘Traffic From RSS to BLOG’ result will be same : http://bit.ly/1655aw7

Just view result at the end of each RSS post.

We’re looking a plugin like this for our page Karting Vitoria, but we are not sure if is the correct one. We don’t understand what is exactly the funtion of this plugin.

Thanks Karting Vitoria

This plugin is for your blog RSS Feed, most of the visitors who love your blog mostly subscribe to your blog RSS Feed for latest update.

This is where ‘Traffic From RSS to Blog’ comes to play, Using this plugin you can market your RSS Feed and earn more money OR force your RSS reader to visit your blog.

This is how ‘Traffic From RSS to BLOG’ ( http://bit.ly/1655aw7 ) will change your normal RSS FEED (read: Just view result at the end of each RSS post.)


Will this work with WP3.6, Feedly and if the RSS feed only contains the excerpt?

100% it works with WP 3.6

I purchase this plugin but i don’t know how to use it http://www.tarqeb.info

Please follow manual url: http://bit.ly/15m8XXJ

hai, i am using wordpress for my site..my website Dont have RSS feed. can i create rss fed using this plugin for my site? http://offerbay.in .. can you suggest is the plugin i am looking for?

Hi vm3567,

Every wordpress site does have RSS feed and so does yours (http://offerbay.in/feed/), BUT to make rss feed more advance marketeers connect with feedburner.

So where does ‘Traffic From RSS to BLOG’ comes into play?

>> It enhance your RSS feed more wisely causing your RSS subscribers to land on your website rather than just allowing them to read content via RSS.

So i suggest you to have ‘Traffic From RSS to BLOG’ specially site like yours


Pre sale question…

I want to use a feed to autopost in my wordpress and create the featured image without me doing nothing thanks

Sorry RSS to BLOG does not featch 3rd party content and auto-post on bolg, instead RSS to BLOG featch your blog post and post it on any rss feed to increase your blog traffic :)


We ping our RSS feed through several services, directories etc – I assume that the added content will show up no matter where the feed is read?

100% your added content will show up all through several services

Hello, can I embed content from other sites ( news ) into my own page with this plugin? Thank you

Sorry RSS to BLOG is not designed to fetch content from other sites.


this still good?

Yes it is