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Looks great! Good luck with sales.

Thanks a lot


Can you tell me for what can i use this script? i have no idea and dont understand the usage… you generate cards for what? where did the finished cards go and why i can not up and donwnload images?

Sorry for the dumb questions – but i like the way it works – but i think about – where i can use it :D


Hi, some website allow their users (usually trading cards game players) to create trading cards (google “trading cards generator” for instance). Hence this script can be embedded on a website which audience is mostly made of people who play trading cards.

The generated cards end up in a folder (named “result”) but it’s pretty easy to store their values and the path to the generated card inside a database.

This script also is a “layout” for anyone willing to see how it can be done with PHP and GD library.

Feel free to ask more questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

I like this idea for my Doctor Who website. Can I use my own photos or is it limited to the ones that come with the program? Can they download the card or does it stay on my website. Thanks

Hi, you can add your own photos of course. Users can click on the card and download it / save it. I added a link to the complete documentation at the bottom of the live preview.

Can you edit the locations of where the images appear on the card? I would like to change the stacked images location.

Can the size of the output image be increased? (Sizes that can actually be used for printing the card.)

Is $12 really an optimal price for this? I am sure it was a nightmare to create, but there are free alternatives.

Yes, images can be moved and the size of the output image can be increased, you’ll need to edit the php code and change images and the png overlay/background. As for the $12, Codecanyon reviewer fix the price, not the author.

Having fun with this script.

Thanks for doing the legwork on this one and getting me started…

I had something in the works already but this had me scrap the other oneand gave me a jumpstart!

Here is what I have done with it so far

first, I took out the number bubbles since they are not needed for this particular application…

added in a mysql databse table to record the members changes to the template it checks to see if the user has an entry in the table if so, it pulls their latest changes if not, it creates one… This will hold the changes made to the ‘card’ so when the person comes back, they don’t have to start over.

it also checks to see if the member has a directory for their own images… if not it creates a tree with their own username and a small / front sub directory to hold the appropriate image(s)

members can upload and crop their own photos or images in GIF, JPG PNG

the cropper part defines a box proportinate to the sizes required for each image

the uploader will convert the images to png and put them in the small and front sub directories depending on which one it is (small or front).

Large (Front) images are limited to 3 per member and the smaller ones limited to 6.

Members can also delete their own images.

Smaller images all go in to same directory unlike the 3 different ones originally in the script. The pulldown menus for those populate accordingly.

The members side of the website then creates a page for the members to be able to include it in their advertisement.

Here is an example of an ad page the member can use… the r= at the end would be their own username


On the admin side in the members list, there is a thumbnail image of the results file… It shows up on the member list and when the member profile is being viewed. Admin can remove any appropriate images from the system.

The members that create a page will be rotated and shown to other members during login… Also on the side panel of the pages a thumbnail will be shown under ‘featured member’ and a clickable link to their page

Next to be added a system where other members can rate the results pages for other members (not their own) and a link for other members to be able to report inappropriate content.

Hi, I’m glad this little script came in handy and was used to create a better card maker. The sum of work is amazing, congratulations :)

Not better, yours is GREAT – let’s call it additional functionality LOL

Added a way for the member to change the title font and description font and allow them to be different fonts ;) might be good to add a color picker and a way to change the font size too… The ideas just keep-a-rolling…

Love this script and looking forward to a reply of the PM I sent to address some questions. Thanks

Thanks, I did reply a couple of minutes ago

How do we do alphabetical list

I downloaded the files from Codecanyon. I installed without changing anything.

php version of the problem might be?

email sent.

hello I want to support the Arabic language writing

Did you try with an arabic font ?

I am interested in this script, but I wonder if I can help (even paying some) to set up a standard image that I have thought. The image would be: http://s11.postimg.org/711fvklbn/script.png

I wish I could enter data manually in the points I have marked him in the picture, and the final image having an optimum print resolution (full hd for example) could be possible?

Hi, you’ll need to make some changes, if you know a little bit of PHP and GD library that should be fine.

Could I please you that job and give me an estimate? My email is posonty@gmail.com

Good day I’ve been receiving this error message I’m not sure why please advise.

Warning: imagecopy() expects parameter 2 to be resource, boolean given in /home/My/file/path/wall/tc/index.php on line 141

Warning: imagecopy() expects parameter 2 to be resource, boolean given in /home/My/file/path/tc/index.php on line 147

Warning: imagecopy() expects parameter 2 to be resource, boolean given in /home/My/file/path/tc/index.php on line 153

Warning: imagecopy() expects parameter 2 to be resource, boolean given in /home/My/file/path/tc/wall/index.php on line 159

Hi, email me your webste url and I’ll take a look. Also, please do the following and send me the url of the php info file : http://php.net/manual/en/function.phpinfo.php

Hi. Is this a responsive?

Do you have an alternative for that? A responsive caed maker. Or maby you can make it to me as a freelancer?

I have one already in store, but it’s already “Branded”. Send me an email, I’ll give you the link.

Also looking for the responsive, jherna16@gmail.com

Can the position of the stats change on the card? For example all stats at the top of the card and a big picture to cover the rest.

Yes but It’s only possible if you have a small knowledge of php.