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Can i add a new place/location to Google?

Yes. There is a feature included in the app for that purpose. Note that your newly added place will be visible on the map once approved by Google moderation team.

Can the project be imported in Eclipse?

Provided you find/add the librairies used by the Android Studio version, the answer is yes.

The app does not seems to get any results at all. A bug?

No. There are two possibilities. Either the place you are looking for is not referenced by Google, or the search radius is small. In the second case, adjust the search radius from the toolbal menu and retry.

Can the app work offline ?

Geofences do not required the app to be connected to internet(only the Gps is required) to trigger entries or dwellings. A favourite screen is there to keep all your places in order to save you some search time. For all other operations, internet is required.

Wich are the supported Android versions?

Trackr supports Android 2.3 to 5.1.

Is the project source customizable?

Yes. Everything is done via xml, no java code.

Why is there a file named trackr-wear-beta in your Google drive?

Because Trackr is intended to post geofences notifications to wearables :grin:

Will there be updates?

Yes. In fact, many updates are already on their way to your carts. Which ? ...

Is admob present in this release?

Both admob banner and intersticial are present. They are disabled by default in the demo app

Hey ! This app bugs out on my Shiny Android 6+ device! WTF?

If you are using android Version 6+, please:

  • Go to your settings, Applications, search then Tap the Trackr app Icon.
  • Scroll down to Permissions, Tap it,
  • Grant Location and storage permissions to the App. After doing this, the app should work as expected. :grin:
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