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Awesome work, I like it! :)

Thank you :)

Your script is ok but if you want to earn some money with it you should add these features:
1. After I stop the timer it should appear a pop-up window where I can write the title, optionally a comment and an hourly rate. The app must calculate the total my client would have to pay.
2. I can send the invoice by email to my clients;
3. I can also edit the invoice before sending it via email;
4. The invoice must be customizable (logo, address, VAT etc);
4. Paypal integration – after they receive the invoice they can click the “Pay now with Paypal” to make the payment :)

I know there’s a little more work to do, but I am sure you will increase your revenue if you will add these features.

Best regards and good luck,

Hello :)
I thought about including some of that features before releasing the item, but I wanted to keep the simplicity of it.
Probably in a future I will include those in the most discreet way.

Thank you so much for the suggestions :)

Hey there – this is a really great product, well done.

Just wondering how complex this script it, and how many files there are?

I’m thinking of using it as part of a bigger project along with some invoicing tools etc. and want to know how hard it’d be to integrate it.

Let me know, thanks!

Sam :grin:

Hello :)
To be honest, there is no way that this script can be properly “integrated”, as it is designed to work standalone. However you can open some files and start copying some portions of code, like the JS counter as it is just a function.

Everything is very ordered, so the script has 7 PHP Files for the pages, 1 “core” PHP File, 8 CSS Files and 6 JS Files (+ jQuery)

If you want specific details, please contact me at tecnovirtu[@]gmail[.]com.

Thanks :)

Yeah the things of nastyraul are good, & pls add some screens of register!

Hello :)
This script is designed to work for one person only, so the login and general use could be a lot easier. For this reason, multiple users registration is not available.

Thanks :)


Timer don’t work when page is leaving?


In order to keep the timer running you need to have the browser tab opened. Before leaving the site or closing the tab you’ll need to stop the timer and save the log. You can reanudate it later.

Thanks :)

Ok. Thanks.

ps : “reanudate” is spanish not english

Oh, sorry, I meant restart.
“Reanudar” is the word in Spanish :p

HI, I would like to take a look at the demo, i may need to buy this product, but your demo site is broken :

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Hello, thank you for commenting.
The issue has been fixed right away, the demo is working right now :)

Multiple users possible with each his own log?

No, multiple users are not allowed with this system, sorry.

tu sitio se ha caído…

Todo está funcionando a la perfección, por favor intente de nuevo :)
Everything is working perfectly, please try again :)

Love this app does it show a total?

Excuse me but, total of what?

Best Regards,

total of hours there a way to show the total?

No, there is not any way to do that
However, if you are interested, I could implement it in your TrackIt system.

Please contact me at

Best Regards.

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for such a nice sweet little plugin.

I have just purchased it and installed it on my localhost. What I noticed/realized is that timer does not work when I move away from that page. Basically, I have to start a timer and the stop and save it before being able to move anywhere.

Is it possible to change it in such a way that I start the timer and it shows in header and remains working/recording time till I stop it and then submit it?

I hope you understand what I mean… As an example, Check this : If you start a timer and go to any other pages.. and see in header.. timer is still running and can be stopped by going back to orignal page and save it then.

Let me know if it is possible to achieve the same with trackit?

Regards, Mandip Jagdeo

Hi Mandip.

Could you please send me an email to This way we can address your issue in a more specific way.

Best Regards,

Nice Item. GL