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Nice work, it’s multy user compatible?

Yes, a user can register and after the login every user can insert they data.

Guarda mi sembra un ottimo lavoro ma il layout mi sembra un pò sballato…o sbaglio?

The layout is very minimal, where is the problem for you?

Nice job, two questions:
1) the categories are customizable?
2) does it supports multiple accounts?

Thanks :-)

1)Yes, but you need to change or add them from the database 2)Yes, you can register how much user you wants, each user have it’s data.

Nice system, does this support recurring inbound and outbound events?


- Payday last day of every month for an amount of £X - Phone bill comes out on 1st of each month. - Train ticket comes out every friday for £X amount.



For now no, but in a future update maybe.

Add recurring system and I buy it :)

Hey, I am very interested in purchasing the script.

I am trying the demo, except every time I try to log in with “test”, “test”, it logs me in, then throws me out back to splash page after a few seconds. Anyway I can have a further look at the functionality?



i check and all works correctly. What browser and O.S. do you use?

For now no, maybe after christmas, sorry but i’m working in other project at the moment.

The email which is sent when user have registered doesnt show “user” and “password”.

$nome_utente and $pass_utente doesnt come along in the email.

Maybe a small fix should be in place?

Fix, in 1-2 day will be available the new download. Simply change register.php. Remember to do a backup. Sorry for the long time.

Still a problem with the confirmation mail after registration. The usename and password is blank in the confirmation mail.

Could you please do a small fix with this?

Fix, in 1-2 day will be available the new download. Simply change register.php. Remember to do a backup.

I want to buy this, but is the email confirmation working as in the comment above?

I just uploaded the new version that should be available soon for download. When it is ready I will update this post.

mobile version include ? (android/iphone/ipad)

It’s responsive, so yes, it is included.

Script is nice even if something strange happens (I tried opening in a different browser the script no cache, cookies etc and i saw my dashboard as if i was logged in). Css modification made to bootstrap default are horrible. Layout is not well structured, bootstrap is called before your custom css (so every modification is not taken by default), and there are
everywhere :( . I suggest you to do a better template works for your next release. Your product will receive a boost, I’m pretty sure.

Other bugs: - Refreshing page will insert the value into db multiple time - No way to remove entry or edit without phpmyadmin - No days on the x-axis

Hello, I have a problema with user and password can not work, any news about it? and the live preview site can not work too. Regards

I have want to try but your demo can’t login for test ,please check :D ,Regards.

doesnt work

login error. Access denied for user ‘www-data’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)