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I would like to set it so it doesn’t automatically move to the next file. I want it to play the file the user selects from the play list but then stop when that file is finished, rather than moving to the next one on the list. Is that possible?

hello, sory but no

Nice Script, but Playlist generator is not working with https.

Any way to make this work on Safari? The text of the playlist items don’t show.

Hi, I did about two weeks ago, then again recently and wasn’t sure if your email was working – got it now though, thanks :)

I see “odnog” above wrote concerning compatibility with https … I just want to know if this player works with https because I do plan on getting SSL Certificate set up in the future

not tested, I think that does not matter

This is a very nice player, well done!

Before I buy this player, can you please tell me: is it possible to have a player with multiple MP3 tracks – and for the “buy” link to change for each track…

AND… is it possible to “hide” the MP3 URLS so that it can not be viewed in the “page source” so no “free downloads”?

Thank you for any help you can give!

I guess that rather than the answer being “no”; that there is instead “no answer”. One lost sale.

hello, sorry, not seen comments

1. buy link individual for each song 2. no, on this moment

Hola acabo de comprar el artículo pero en la descarga y el generador no mencionada nada sobre shoucast, viendo los comentarios de otros colegas le acabo de enviar a su correo mi ip y port, esperando su pronta respuesta.

hello, sorry only English

I just bought this one , it seems very nice.

But, unfortunately it doesn;t wok. please see http://onbooks.co.kr/play/

Did I do wrongly (I’m begiinner..)?

And help me on this. Thanks Sk from korea

I just bought this one , it seems very nice.

But, unfortunately it doesn;t wok. please see http://onbooks.co.kr/play/

Did I do wrongly (I’m begiinner..)?

And help me on this. Thanks Sk from korea

I just found a thing

With Internet exploer, I can listen to the audio. but can’t generate codes.

With Chrome, I can;t listen to the audio, but can’t generate codes.

Not correct path to css and javascript

Did you update the files? I redownloaded but cannot find the playlist generator. The code also seems different.

Yes, its new version

Como fazer o upgrade, onde encontrar o arquivo para download? Obrigado.

how you can bought? if envato say has NOT purchased the item.

Yes I bought version 1.4 but I do not have the update, would I have to buy again?

no, if envato saya “has not purchased”, it means version 1.4 too, and 1.3 and all other versions

Sorry I had entered with the other account, now I see the update.

yes but you had support for this item until 10/07/2016

Hi! First, thanks for the best Icecast player on the market. We’ve tried a bunch and yours is just beautiful and works great!

Anyway, are there any plans on adding support for ID3-information for Icecast streams? It would be amazing if the player could show (optionally maybe) Artist and Song (and also fetch album art if possible, even though not important).

Keep up the good job!

for curent playing need php

Hello. Bfore I buy – how to add tPlayer to an Adobe Muse design?

Hi, before you purchase, supports cover art on shoutcast and icecast?

No, its only js and html, for curent playing need php

Hello, before buying … in radio come out song titles?

hi, no, for this need php, this is html version


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Derick purchased this product how do you change color from blue I try editing values in wpta_script but donot effect view

hello, do you read documentation?


Rdeleon Purchased

Yes… the only color i cannot change is the hover select button in the playlist from blue…I changed all other colors just need last one. Is that in the idex file? if so what tag example: buttonActiveCLR: ”#fba504”,

playlistCurBG and playlistTextCurCLR


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Thank You For Your Help :)

You recommend using MP3 format, but will it play AAC format?

That shows which browsers support that file format, does that mean if I have a browser that supports that file format the player will play the file? I have songs that have the extension m4a…my browser plays them, I just want to make sure the player can.

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you “Inspect Element” when you use this player there are some extra “Powered By” SVG’s that don’t show, but do take up screen space at the end of the document (one per player). I had to do a couple of tweaks to get those SVG’s to disappear…one, in snap.svg.js I had to adjust the Paper function: https://pastebin.com/JPsCgZBe and then in my <script> tags in the footer I had to add: https://pastebin.com/VGrdKPbd. The first makes sure the SVG’s are empty, the second removes the SVG’s entirely. Hope this helps someone!

I have two questions, like changing the width and height dimensions of the player and the other as I place autoplay in case of a radio current

hello, sorry for a long time, you need to add options “autoplay: true”, included in documentation


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I include in the playlists.js the code of autoplay and it disappears in player, the same thing happens when I put it in Example.html

you need to add this in init player, not in playlist