Discussion on tPlayer - Audio Player for WordPress

Discussion on tPlayer - Audio Player for WordPress

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Great looking player, does it work well with wordpress 6.3? I need a supported player for MP3’s.

Hey Dude! How can I use compact mode on one page only without using it in default? I still one the other pages that I have the player on collapsed.

Hello, you add player as shortcode?

Yes I do, the one next to the playlist, but the shortcode doesn’t have a full or compact option. Unless it’s somewhere and I’m just overlooking it. Thanks for the fast reply.

What about bug fixes? Sometimes the playlists doesn’t work.

Hello, please write to support

By the way, how is it possible to play mp3 files from Google Drive?

Hello, how can i quick import a playlist?

How to quickly create a playlist by importing a csv file? Or any other way?

There is no option to import a playlist from other plugins

I think you should be developed this feature to support quick create playlist with many audio files.

Version 1.1.3 works but when I upgrade to all the playlists disappear. Any way to solve this?

Please write to support

Hi, does your player support background mode and play even while the screen of the mobile device (Android/iOS) is off? Thanks for your reply!

Hello, it’s not depending on js, you can test it on your phone just click to “Live Preview”

Many thanks for your fast reply!


aqfjr Purchased

Hello, nice plugin, only 1 problem: There is NO mass upload or play from folderit’s one by one, which is VERY slow when you have hundreds of mp3’s.

Is it working with elementor builder? Thanks

Hello, it’s work with shortcode

Hello I have problem with the player I can’t see the playlist titles I don’t now why? My website:

hello, check your mailbox


Is it possible to remove the title of the song playing above the player?

Thank you for your help!

Hello, player don’t have this option

Здравствуйте. Можно ли сделать так что бы при плохом интернете, следующая песня всё равно бы включалась. У меня на сайте проигрывание плей листа не получается. Одна песня исполнилась, следующая не включается. Что делать?

Hello. Is it possible to make it so that with a bad Internet, the next song would still be included. I can’t play a playlist on my website. One song was performed, the next one is not included. What to do?

I have just uploaded the plugin but it isn’t loading. It is just a blank screen. Any suggestions as to how I fix this? I have tried contacting support and have received minimal response.

check your mail

Thank you

Hi, is there a way to stop the artist name animation scroll altogether? Thanks in advance.

hello, no, plugin don’t have this option

Hey there! I recently purchased TPlayer after you mentioned scroll works after select number of tracks. Everything on the play is perfect but the scroll doesn’t work on mouse scroll like others. Is this something that can be changed?

Can I see screenshots of settings and link with example?

its work, click to handle in scroll bar and drag it to down

Hey there – I have a few questions before buying…

1. Can I add multiple playlists on a page? If so will one stop playing if another is played? 2. For downloads, can I put a custom URL? 3. Is there a max height setting to force scroll? 4. Can I use dropbox to stream audio to playlist instead of hosting on wordpress?

Thank you!

Hello. 1) yes player support multiple playlists on a page, if you mean song in playlist yes 2) yes of course 3) you choose max songs in scroll 4) I’m not sure, if they have direct link to mp3 file, yes

Hello, am interested in using this player in my current project where we plan to sell music and its instrumentals (beats) to aspiring musician. I have seen among features that with this plugin we able to show top charts of the music beats uploaded to the wordpress site, please confirm before I purchase that we will be able to display our popular and top 100 beats based on plays, downloads and views while using elementor builder. Also will there be a conflict if this plugin is installed on an already music powered theme that comes with its own player?

Does it support aac music?

hello player support all html 5 audio

Hi! How to add radio station to your plugin.Where can i find a url stream.Thanks

Hello, what do you mean? You don’t know your url stream or you don’t know link for player?

Hello, i am searching for an wp audio player, which can play music in background. I could not find this feature on this player. is there an option / player with this feature?

Hello, what do you mean?

I want to embed the audioplayer into wp sidebar with a widget. But when the user is browsing to another page on the website, the player should continue. Maybe this is not possible technically.

It’s not player function


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