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Pre-Sale Question:

1- Where can I see a demo of the player pop-up (open in small pop-up window)?

2- Can the pop-up window be modified on my own to show other ads, links etc?

3- Can the player be configured to allow users to choose whether to listen to the player from the embeded page or from the pop-up?

hello, 1 – click right-top corner in player. 2 – no. 3 – no

Thank you for your prompt reply.


ponyack Purchased

Hey, I am a newb with Word Press. How do I update the audio player?

hello, you need deactivate plugin, replace all files from archive and then active plugin again

Hello, is it possible to randomize the playlist please ?

sorry, but player not have this function

Ok, thank you, wish you the best.

if you like, tplayer, please rate it on codecanyone

Hello. I have some pre-sale questions about using this player for streaming icecast. 1) Can i place 10 or 20 different instances of this player on one page? Each should play different icecast stream, so i need to be configure each player separate. If yes, then is it done by adding different shortcodes? 2) Can it be customized to a sqare player with only a thumbnail and play controls and without the playlist? 3) Does the player take a picture from a stream or i can set it inside the player settings? I would need to have different pictures for different streams. Thanks in advance. I hope you’ll be able to reply fast. P.S. Really great design!

you can’t disable loader

Too bad. I don’t like the way it constantly spins on the picture.. Thanks for your answers.

Bought. Grea plugin overall ;)

Hello, I have an issue with autoplay option, I have turn off the button but it doesn’t works, the music starts automatically. What can I do please ?

Hello, please write to support


hello, firefox vers 49.0.1, all works

hello i just bought this plugin but every time i try to activate it, it crashes

hello, i answered you in support mail


HI, this is a pre purchase question: can i replace the download link on the player with a custom image ? a custom download button instead of that arrow pointing down ?

player, not have this option

too bad was just about buying the plugin , will have to look for another alternative then

ok, good luck with your search)

Hi, can I stream mp3 files from Amazon S3 or must the files stored on in my Wordpress?

if direct link to mp3 file, you can

Dear Developer!

The player is not compatible Visual Composer ?

It can not work:

hello, Visual Composer its not default or free plugin, so i can’t test it, but i see your page and see what you duplicate shortcode, please remove clone.

I’ll give you access , you look?

please write to support

Hi, I’m interested in getting your plugin but have a question beforehand. I want a button on my menu that links to a popup which just has the radio player in it (no theme – just player in a smallish size) so they can listen and still browse. Is this possible?

no, player have button open in new window


Are these integration ideas possible in the near future: 1. Woocommerce (including on shop archive page). 2. Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce Theme (found at: 3. TheFox | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme (found at: 4. Visual Composer.


hello, plugin tested only on no-comercial plugin and themes

Hi Presale questions,

Can i Schedule a playlist???

Can i autoplay a shoutcast???

Can i disable volume and shuffle option???

If i autoplay shoutcast can i see the name of each song when the shoutcast is playing???

If i create a playlist can i block the user to change the song??? But i would like to have the option to see the name of the song without having the option to change the song.

1) What? 2) yes 3) nope/yes 4) curent song shows only on playing song 5) playlist can be changed only on dashboard

Hi there,

Do you plan to add a “continuous playback” of the song for your plugin, in order for the music to don’t stop after each page load? It’s like to ajaxify a sticky footer for example.

I know this is possible because of other plugins here at CodeCanyon which provides a such feature… but your plugin seems to meet more my needs (except the lack of this continuous playback, which is mandatory).


Hi, example please

There’s nothing i hate more than buying a plugin and having to come here to be begging for help. No instructions, no short code and then i’m refereed to a YouTube video that i can barely make out what’s going on because it’s blurry. I need to know why i can’t get the radio stream to work?I’ve done everything you said and nothing. Who’s ass do i have to kiss around here to get the stream to work?

OK this is not working out and i’m on a deadline. I need a refund so i can get another player. Can you please issue me a refund?

Please write to support

Thanks for the refund. Please consider writing a script that only needs the streaming URL. If you do in the future let me know and i’ll buy it. Good day!

Will Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Beatport be supported?

Ok. How about hiding the orginal fle URL?


joimix Purchased

Just purchased this plugin the $28 version and doesn’t let me write the playlist name, won’t take external audio links. Or even write the metadata for the audio. Its a shame, hope I can get money back.

hello, please write to support

He comprado una version equivocada del articulo y no me ha querido hacer el reembolso para poder comprar la version completa del aritculo.

He comprado esa version porque venia una información erronea y no me sirve para nada si no tengo la version completa.

De acuerdo, usted mismo. Creo que lo mejor es tener a los clientes contentos y en este caso usted se esta mostrando muy poco profesional.

I hope you read category of item, before buy on next time, good luck and happy new year

Y yo espero que le cierren la cuenta por ser un mal profesional y por engañar a los clientes. No merece estar aquí vendiendo.

Is there a way we can pull the metadata from centova without having to have the mp3s. Let me know. Thanks.

helo, sorry but no

How do I get a refund because Tplayer is not going to work for me


Rdeleon Purchased

How do you show in player …now playing song titles for shoutcast V2 radio stream…Do you have documentation or example code online?

i answered you in mail


Rdeleon Purchased

Derick is there a place to put IP or port to call now playing…within PHP if so what file