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Hello! Seems like a cool plugin. One question before buying: Is the Font always the same or does it accord to the fonts of the wordpress theme used? Thanks in advance!

hello, fixed “roboto”

Hey there, pre-sale question, is there any way to make this player continue to play when changing page to page? Thanks.

hello, sorry tplayer dont have this function


do this plugin support .WAV or .AIFF files format?

hello, html5 audio support mp3, wav and ogg, but not all browsers support this formats, more information you can read here

Hello, I’m very interested but when trying the admin I can add playlists but not add music to them, is it blocked in the demo? It says always in the status bar “waiting for available socket”. Guess is only blocked for demo users right?

no, all work

looks like the server was busy :D your plugin is really cool and fast, we make music themes and was thinking to buy extended license for my next theme… Can I buy a normal license and if all works buy extended and get a refund for the first one?

how can I put it with visual composer? its not working?

hello, use default editor please

im so lost. i have tried every combination of my shoutcast url and it aint working. can you please explain what to put where.

my url is


cheers man.. fast reply, good work.

dont want to be annoying you. but how do I turn on album art and now play text. Thanks

videotutorial: , if not helped, please write to support

Do you sell this as a standalone item, without WordPress integration?


I’m sorry, when I posted this I wasn’t aware of the non-WordPress version…but have since found that version…please disregard :-)

I’m getting “403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied!”

When adding songs, and “Playlist Name” is grayed out. Thoughts?

Sorry, fault on my end….

Does this work with the WordPress default [audio] and [playlist] shortcodes?

do you see videotutorials or try demo?

Yes, I didn’t see anything about that in the video tutorial or in the demo.

tplayer its not default [audio] or [playlist] shortcodes

Good morning, I bought the plugins install it and at first impression I thought it was very good but I tried to use it to detect some worrying security errors which I would like to be able to correct as soon as possible.

1.- When you press the embed button, you are directed to a url which discovers the hosting address of the plugins. See “image-1.png”—>

2.- When using the player in playlis mode on a smarphone (Iphone) at the moment of pressing the power button and leave playing our list automatically, the url where the audio file is found appears, which seems to me very record because If we think that they are audio files to sell we generate a problem record. See “error-tplayer”—>

I would like to know what you think about this thank you very much, I will look forward to your response.

Url Test (playlis):

Url Test (embed radio live):

hello, 1) yes, tplayer use direct link for embed. 2) second display its lock screen? its not tplayer function its your default browser, on android screen show link to the page

And in IOS there is the possibility that the web url is visible?

not understood your questiion

Hey, is it possible to use Google Drive as a host for my mp3 files?

yes, if you know, how take direct mp3 link, but it’s very slowly hosting


I have a presale question from the envanto account. Does this app have continuous playing when navigating to other pages in the same site?

hello, no, but i develop now new player with this function

Thanks, I’m just trying to mimick on a Wordpress page inside my website. Check out that app. And let me know if you make one.

Hi there, I cannot get my Shoutcast stream to display the album cover / song title with this plugin. Please help?

To be clear, it shows the URL I set in the config.

Hey, I found the solution. I had to unblock the radio stream ports on ingoing / outgoing for the API to work. Might be useful for you to know if anyone else has the same issue. Cheers, Erik

Hello, this is a presale question. I’m gonna use the plugin to add a Icecast player, will be possible to show previews songs/playlist, as well songs cover?

hello, you mean now playing?

I mean the playing track, and songs previously played.

only now playing

How quickly are the song statistics updated?

At once

i dont understand what you mean by “at once”

algorithm: song’s end – data add to stats, user click next/prev/other – data add to stats

Good day! Before I purchase, I want to confirm that this plugin will support streaming of a Broadwave server stream. Example format:

hello, tplayer support shoutcast and icecast

Hi, the player is duplicated, and i use only one shortcode, whats a happening ?

Hello, please write to support from supported account

Done, account inspiremeditacao

Hi, again in account corretly.

Hi, the player is duplicated, and i use only one shortcode, whats a happening ?

hello, its not support, its comments

Hi, any potential buyer should know that this player is not compatible with Apple products. i will wait to rate it, maybe devs can fix it. Regards.

hello, please write your problem to support, thanks

Support contacted.

Hi there,

This plugin looks interesting for me, just one question before buy it, is it possible to use with Woocommerce to sale my beats ? If it’s possible, is it possible to see a demo or a documentation ?