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Hey guys!

I installed a security plugin on my site today, on which I also have tPlayer. The security plugin notified me that tPlayer has been removed from the Wordpress repository and is under investigation, possibly due to a security concern. Can you assure your customers that the plugin is secure, and do you know why the plugin is under investigation?


Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. :-) I’m asking if you know why tPlayer was removed from the WordPress repository.

i remove, because tPlayer its not free plugin.

Thank you, and great to hear!

So sad. This plugin doesn’t work with Divi, it deactivate the Divi Builder, so I can’t build new pages.

hello, please write to support

Great plugin, I installed the plugin on my site and it’s working great. Only one thing I’d adjust. When using ad mode for the playlists, is it possible to have the ad between songs instead on a time schedule? Having an ad mid-song is weird.

hello, no tplayer dont have this options

Bummer, still it’s a cool plugin. Works great.


I was having some trouble on my site, which includes tPlayer, and ran debugging. I’m getting the following messages that relate to tPlayer and seem to be the cause of my problems. When I disable the plugin the problems disappear. Here are the debugging messages:

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; wptpaWidget has a deprecated constructor in /www/wp-content/plugins/tplayer-html5-audio-player-with-playlist/inc/wptpa_functions.php on line 995

And also:

Notice: wp_add_inline_script was called incorrectly. Do not pass <script> tags to wp_add_inline_script(). Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 4.5.0.) in /www/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4140

The second notice appears directly above the tPlayer player on my homepage, here:

Are you able to help resolve this? I love tPlayer, but of course I can’t use it if it continues to create these problems for my site (which perhaps have something to do with the latest version of WP??).



Thanks for the response, but what support are you talking about?

Just sent the same note using the email support form.

Hi, I am using this plugin but there is something wrong with the plugin.It doesn’t show anything in the frontend but I uninstall and install again it works but few hours or more suddenly goes away I checked console maybe there is a problem with jquery Can you please tell me how to figure out this thanks

For what u write to support and here?)

sorry it was a mistake

You know how one can send a youtube video via twitter and it will embed the file so you can play the video within twitter time line? Can one do the same with your plugin? So on my site there would be a playlist of titles that could play there then I could Hit to share with twitter and as i say it would send the file PS the files would be very small no more than 20 words recorded and it could play IN twitter

Hi, is there a way to link to the MP3 download directly instead of opening up the browser player? When I put the direct link to the MP3 into the link field it opens up the browsers player instead of immediately downloading the file. Thanks!

hello, i fixed it in new version, release soon

Is there somewhere I can see what the single player looks like without the playlist on it? Do I have to use an image for the single player?

hello you can see it in demo

I don’t see it for a single player. Only if it’s in a playlist. Can you direct me more specifically? you can see 3 version on this page 1) Single Player with Download link 2) Single Player with Buy link 3) Single Player

how can i make it responsive?

what you mean? tplayer is responsive player

Hi. I have playlist for a title that is over 100 mp3 files. Can you create a XML file or another method to play these files, or play from a Folder? Also, is it possible to access the files from Amazon S3 or is is just from the local host(server). I have not purchased and am wondering how best this can be done if possible? Using the GUI would be too time consuming as also we have 186 titles, with each having a playlist of 100s of MP3s… If this is going to be supported when is the new release coming out.

Hello, you can use another hosting, if its direct link to mp3