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Great work, very useful :)


Hi Hello .. there is a problem in the program (the program is run, but show me a problem for incompatibility with the system) Note that My ios pc

Windows 7 operating system 32-bit .....
Note you download Framork.nat ... but useless
you need to have .net 4.0 framework installed on your PC. you can download it here : http://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=17718

and what you mean by iOS PC ? are you using vine to run or what ? can’t get you….

Hi, I am very much interested in your app. However, many proxies have a short half-life period. Is it possible with your app to get high-quality proxy IPs which are operational for a longer time?

the quality of the proxy can’t be predicted. some die soon others don’t die soon.this tool just scrapes them for a cached server which has checked it it is working or not. hence saving time.

It is possible to run it using command line args instaed of clicking the buttons? I think that this feature is very important for users of SEO tools.

I can make a custom one for you. shoot me a message at admin@ankanelectroarts.net

and this is intended for GUI based.

Great program! The question is: can you add to the program proxy Russia and the former CIS countries?

Thanks for the quick response.

I do not agree with you. On Envato Market people buy programs from different countries, for instance, I live in Belarus. Chances are, if this feature would be added, sales would have been more! Your program is really great!

Thanks for mentioning. I will sure to add Russia and other countries.

Thanks for the quick response ! I wait with impatience!

Is this still working and are you still supporting it? Also, how many proxies do you usually get from this? And can I import my own proxies to check as well as add sources to the list?

my server checks every minute .and both L1 and L2

Great. I will purchase it in just a minute. Thank you for the quick responses and support.

Good software! Keep up the excellent work


hi i just bought the software everything works but it seems to just sit there forever when i clicking google proxies and the support button doesnt work any info on this ?

My Google cache server is down. it will be up soon. dont worry.

thanks for the speedy reply

What a joke.!! Hey its been More than Freaking 15 days But still Im not able to get Google Proxies

Only “Google” Proxy doesnt work. Rest all functions works perfectly.

Like neerukaka i bought this and haven’t been able to grab Google proxies for a month very upset especially since i was told it would be up soon

Only “Google” Proxy doesnt work. Rest all functions works perfectly.


looe Purchased

when is good proxy gonna work again ?

My sources to get google proxies is down and can’t find any alternate to it. Anonymous with SSL = google proxy


looe Purchased

thanks for the respones love your proxy scanner


Are these proxies work fast like free web proxy servers like https://proxy-server.co , how fast and reliable these proxies are?

Yes they do. They are very reliable.

is there a way to get these proxies on website?, like PHP script?

Not possible as of now.

google proxies work? And do you think make updates for your app(app is not updated from the day when its created)? Thanx for replay

yes all work. No update required that’s why not updated. It’s perfect, you can check the rating.

i want google proxy for email scrapping . will it work?

Yes it will work :)


How is this be used? Also, are you able customize something for me that involves scraping?

We can do for custom. Contact me for this.

Will I be able to export only Elite proxies from a certain country (US)?



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Hello ! The application stopped working some points! You’re going to fix it?

Please disable your AV and retry. the problem is with my website, for some reason its being blocked by some AV’s.


vdv103 Purchased

Do not run Google proxy! When click on the Google proxy button, the program freezes! What is the problem ? Probyval on different computers, the problem is the same!

hello how many proxy scrap in the software? once its click for scrap?

and theres is no transparent proxy scrap in the software?

im interested but i want to know my questions

i waste my 6$ for this ugly software www 500 proxy search and then 1 working ?? what the f!!!!!!!!!!! useless software

The program works as advertised. You can check using a web proxy checker to check the harvested list. Whether your program supports it not – is not our concern.