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thank you!

Nice work! ; -)

thank you!

Make More lvl, thank y for that game!

is this not full version?

hi the td is a template

demo not work

are you include all graphics in psd/ai?


hi just png

Good Work!
Why stopping as template ?
why not making it as a full game and charge more! people will love to buy them :)

Would love to buy it but got some bugs in game. One is the barack army, they just stay where they are without goign after enemies.

Achor points don’t work.

hi i will upload a new version soon fix some issue,and remove the don’t work button

Looks like this author care less about support so making it easier for me not to buy.

hi i will upload a new version soon

If you make this template a full game, your sales will jump off the roof. TD games are trending always and if yours adds more features, sales will be at all time high.

Looks like you just pushed out an update today. What were the changes?

- I have just tried the life update and don’t see any changes. One thing you need to address is when you create a tower, the enemies overlapse the tower like here – https://snag.gy/aPwcmD.jpg

so you need to sort out the order or layout seetings

I saw that you have option to buy coins, how to configure the purchase via video admob, in your demo does not work, how to customize the game