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Crashing after first arrows fired on Chrome and Windows 8 here as well, bummer, was interested in checking it out.

hi?thank for help?i will check it

demo stop working after first rows fired on enemys…windows 7, opera

thank you,i will check it.

In Chrome and Mozilla, the game crashes every time the archer attacks. Please correct the bug.

I have the same bug others are reporting. It worked in the past because I remember checking it out before.

crashed after first arrow, also can you add some intro / how to play in the start.

hi please change to chrome

does this work in construct 2?

This is a great game. I have been using it for over a year and it works fine. You can find many examples of me using this game at http://www.engames.eu

crashed after first arrow Chrome uptodate

Can i import this game to a wordpress???

hi course

The has a problem, it stops after some seconds, did you solve this issue?

It still crashes in Chrome unfortunately…

The game crashes after the first enemy is hit, both on Chrome and Firefox. The issue was already reported 8 months ago, yet seems not to be solved. Can I assume the project to be dead? Too bad, was looking interesting…

hi i will add a new demo,the game can run on chrome,but the demo may be too old…

Still seems not to work unfortunately :/ No matter which unit you place, upon the second shot being fired the game freezes.

hello, i want to buy this but the demo freeze after first shot – I got same result in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera on windows 7

Amazingly the demo works in IE11 but still freezes in Chrome.

ok i fix it now

it is freeze after first shot. it is still freezes in Chrome

Hi, I bought your product, but i cant find the capx file for construct 2, and when I try open it in chrome, i get “Exported game won’t work until you upload them” error.

My mail: gamemovieparty@gmail.com

Thank you.

send the file to you

I’m not telling you I did not buy anything without testing before

Freezes after first arrow (chrome). Saying “Exported game won’t work until you upload them” with construct2.

I want to buy the game Is there a button to open the full screen ?

The game is available as a file HTML5 . ?

Two questions.