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- Compatible iPAd Pro and iPhone 6S ? - Is there a way to remove all inapp Except for removing ads ? - is there Banner or interstitial ads ?


Hi, iPad and iPhone compatible (tested on real device – iPhone 6s). Banner + interstitials included. Removing IAP except removing ads can be done, it’s quite simple.

Great, And is there a way to keep only Admob banner and remove interstitial ?

Sure, I’ll provide information which lines of code should be removed to remove interstitials and remove coins IAP.

Is Corona needed to edit the code or just Xcode?

Corona is needed to build the project. Code can be edited with any text editor – I use sublime text 3.

Leader board is there ??

What is the purpose of purchasing coins? What do coins do?

Resurrection is possible for coins – player will start with the score before game over from previous game.

Is there a user guide? As i’m unfamiliar with Coronoa

Documentation is included, if it’s not enough I’ll provide individual help

where can i see the change log for the new update ?

you can change menu.lua only – interstitial bug was fixed

Great game, thanks! How do I change box sizes correctly? I can change box shape in edit.lua but how do I change how much the screen moves up? If I make bigger boxes, screen doesn’t move up as much as box height.

New update only changed menu.lua?

Update was for menu.lua only. If you want to modify screen scroll height open play.lua and go to line 326 and 398: you’ll see value which can be modified.

Thanks for the reply fifdee! That works correctly now.

How about where to change box sizes? I’ve changed the box shape in edit.lua line 45 and increased sizes of images. However, images are not larger in game, but box around the images is correct.

line 188 in play.lua, values 150,150 are width and height of the box

What would I need in order to re skin it?


Xcode is needed to compile only. You need Corona SDK and code editor (I use sublime text 3), graphics are changed manually in the folder by copy -> paste. Mentioned tools are free to use.

Hi it’s cool app thanks, I have few questions 1.How do I add music on and off button and where to edit the code for it? 2.how do I remove all Ads from the app and where do I edit to remove Ads button from the interface.

are you planning to put intro page for it in the future?


Hi, in order to add on/off music button you must open menu.lua. At the top add sth like “local onoffButton”, below add function like local function onoffListener() if musicEnabled then musicEnabled = false audio.stop(10) else musicEnabled = true audio.play( sndMusic, { channel=10, loops=-1}) end end in menu:create function you must define the onoffButton – you’ll see another buttons. In menu:show you must add listener – do similar as other buttons. In menu:hide you must remove listener and in menu:destroy you must kill the button object.

To remove ads, open edit.lua and change adProvider=”none”. Open menu.lua and in menu:create and put in line 356: removeads.alpha=0

Thanks for the reply.

I have one more problem, When I try to submit to app store this error came up. It looks Apple stopped accepting builds from corona !! http://s32.postimg.org/9na15n6et/Screen_Shot_2016_04_27_at_3_42_51_PM.png

It looks like a “beta” issue, not corona. Make sure you have the Corona daily build which supports iOS 9.3 and xCode which supports iOS 9.3, so you can see in the window before build that the version is 9.3 and not 9.3 beta. http://s32.postimg.org/qcyifkmnp/ios.png

I purchased today. Just want to let you know there is a bug with the ads. Banner and interstitial is not showing up in the game. Banner showed up for like 3 seconds and that was it. Let Me know!!

Ok I got the banner ads to work. But here is what is happening with the interstitial: When you go back to the main screen and you hurry click on retry to play game, the interstitial will never load. Now if you go to the main screen and delay yourself about 5 seconds from hitting the retry button then it will pop-up. How do you get it to pop-up when going back to game play, just like you have it set up for your other templates?


Great game! Great code! I have only question: How to set up the acheivements? I know how to on the Itunes but it seems they are two type of acheivements.

1- The number of game played (10,100) 2- The score acheived (10,50,200)

How can I set those two type of acheivements? I can see the code under edit.lua

achiev = {}—don’t change this line achiev1 = “com.xxx.10games” achiev2 = “com.xxx100games” achiev3 = “com.xxx.10”—10 achiev4 = “com.xxx”—50 achiev5 = “com.xxx.200” —200

But I do not know how to assign the different achievements. How iTunes is suppose to tell which one the user has achieved?

Thank you! This is the only thing who stop me for releasing.


ps: If I wanted to not add acheivements at this time, what I shall do? Just not add acheivements on iTunes?

Thanks so much for the quick response! I used the document that came with the app template (dated 25/02/16) and it does not look like the one you are showing. This is one is much in depth with screenshots unlike the one that came with the template. In any event, no matter this answers many of questions. I was not familiar wth acheviements settings. So What you are saying is all I need to do is modify the acheivements ID’s (so to match my BundleID) BUT keep the extensions like ”.10games” or ”.50” and that would automagically work. I will assume your code will use those ID to set the proper value for either the number of games played acheivements (ie: the acheivement will be given automatically when the player say player more than 100 games or have 50 points)

Again thank you!


As you said – all you have to do is to match the IDs from iTunes with those in edit.lua file. Counting number of games etc. is the part of the code itself.


Thank you very much :)


friend where ios ID pack is integrated into corona?

You select provisioning profile before building the project. Please read tutorial for more information: http://gamingmobile.eu/tutorials/ios_tutorial.html

Good afternoon I have several problems I hope you can fix me First: sometimes I attempt to resurrect and have coins and the application crashes and go back inside and I deducts currencies but rose again. Other exits the screen without boxes me I touch the screen and start to climb to the number you have touched quiera.No any code. You can send me some manual settings domestic purchases a greeting

Do you get any information after the crash? Some kind of an error message?

Good afternoon and these available? I came not any mistake but I do not happen to me again. I have another question to add new achievements the first achievement has grp. but others do not have added achievements I have to add to every achievement the grp. a greeting

Please check how it’s explained here: http://gamingmobile.eu/tutorials/ios_tutorial.html You don’t have to group achievements. If you ask how to name them, they must be unique across all games available on the store – just make sure they’re the same in edit.lua file and iTunes connect site.

I purchased and am trying to see how everything works. But I get a Corona error “WARNING: object.fill is a premium graphics feature that requires a Pro (or higher) subscription.” Since Corona no longer offers a “Pro” subscription (but they do have an “Enterprise” version?) I am not quite sure what this means, or how to correct the issue. Can you shed any light on this?

Understood. Will post my findings here in case someone else has the same issue with their Corona install/environment.

Here is the response from Corona (which did fix the issue): Try going to the preferences and doing a “Deauthorize and Quit” and then when you start Corona up and login again, the message should go away.

Ok great, I’m glad the problem is solved :-)

good afternoon I have a new crown error ERROR: build command failed: DEVELOPER_BASE = ”/ Applications / Xcode.app / Contents / Developer” I xcode 8 and this ios ios 10 that is?

Xcode 8 is the newest version which supports iOS 10. Did you follow the steps from this tutorial?


when do you get this error? What did you modify in the project?

Hi, how are you? Can I customize the game? Change the images, name and translate it into Portuguese?