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is it unity?

No, corona is independent, it doesn’t use eclipse.

I really don’t know how to use it. If i purchase will I will be able to reskin and publish ?

I can’t guarantee anything but I think you shouldn’t have problems with that.

editing with eclipse ?

Firstly, I could not respond quicker in previous days because of personal cases. Secondly, I offered continuous support and everything I did was done to help you. Thirdly, I do not take any responsibility for the way how Google reacts – it is up to you to make the product look different than my version. I guess that you made mistake by uploading the first version with the same icon as my version so Google bots detected duplicating an existing app – further change did not solve the problem because you were already “marked” by Google. Google play is not the only Android store – there are plenty of third party stores were you can upload the game. Lastly, authors are not authorized to make refunds – you must contact Envato. You received a complete working product which was approved by Google so I do not think you can blame me for anything.

Hello Game editledim were again suspended again from another account . This game is no longer protected by google if I can not change how . or a full justification for the publication of the required game. All Adit Game: http://loginipaddress.com/game/game.apk Google Play Suspended

I will do my best to deliver unfortunately I can not broadcast the game.

I have checked your apk and it looks ok – but as I said before you might be marked by Google so it will be difficult to solve this problem. There is nothing I can do in this matter, unfortunately.

No, it’s corona sdk project.

Hi dev, I like your most of the projects. Ad interstitiel not showing!! i do my best to solved the prob and still not showing!! what to do???

You can send me version of the project modified by you and I’ll try to find the problem. Div.vip@gmail.com

should i reskin with corona sdk too??

Here you can find tutorials how to reskin: http://gamingmobile.eu/tutorials/android_tutorial.html