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wintercounter does not currently provide support for this item.

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Is there a Wordpress versino coming out?

Sorry, but the plugin is not suitable as a wordpress plugin.

Hi, i have buy your script but i have some problems. Can you add me on skype please? my id is: stileeventi

Support was done ;)

Wintercounter? I want to buy your script, but is it possible to implement this on:

Like you did in your Live preview? Or can you do this for me? I want a honest answers please! not to get another sale. Kind regards

i send you an email

Wintercounter! i,m having troubles implementing your script. Can you help me do this please?

Help was done!

Wintercounter! i,m having troubles implementing your script. Can you help me do this please?

Help was done!

Good idea, but there is no mention of a cookie setting for showing only one time per session for each visitor. Without that cookie, it would get annoying to visitors over many pages

2 – can this be fired by onclick event from a link or image

1. You just need to use the jQUery cookie plugin for that, it’s just a simple if statement. 2. Yes, it can be, you just need to use the $.touristGuide.init() method when you want to start.

one of the best guide plugin i have ever encountered, and i saw all of them i believe.

Thank you!

When i follow the instructions and add the code, my page goes blank black color. Any ideas why?

Hi, I have bought your script, work well, but have one trouble caused by my header. My header part (Icons+white background) Hide content of tourist guide, this is caused by ScroolTo. What I need is ScrollTo 112 px less on the page. ( because 112 px is wide of my header) This must be possible somewhere in js. If you can, thanks for your help.

Post it here, cause it may help to another guys with my problem later.

How can I make it so the tour begins on the click of a button (#button, for example) rather than starting automatically when the page loads?

I tried:

$(document).ready(function() {

but get error in console of Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘touristGuide’


Hi good script but i cant run this on newest version of jquery. Only 1.8 is working. Can you fix this ?

Hello, I need to purchase it to create a tour about my online store “how to buy” , does your plugin be a useful for me ? if I purchase it today, you will assist me to install it into my online store ?