Tourist Guide App Template with AdMob

Tourist Guide App Template with AdMob

Tourist Guide baner


Tourist Guide is a Mobile App Template dedicated to Android platform. Using it as a skeleton or ready-made Mobile App really makes easier to build Tourist App and make tourist attractions of your region available to visitors.
The App gives you enormous variety of the possibilities. Taking advantage of them, you have a chance to create final app without getting deeply into code nor making it from scratch.

The App will really save your time. Let us show you other powerful usage of it:
  • City Guide
  • Country Guide
  • Monuments Presentation
  • Urban Game App
  • Tourist Information
  • History Book
  • Event Attractions
  • Museum Exhibits List

Features of the App

In order to create your own Tourist App you are able to use already built features:
  • Splash screen
  • List of tourist attractions
  • View of tourist attraction with photos, address, map button, website button, phone button and description
  • Slider of related places
  • View of map with tourist attraction’s marker
  • GPS route calculation from current position to chosen tourist attraction with real time position refreshing and walk/car mode switcher

SQLite Database gets initially data from two .txt files. By editing them and adding photos you are able to completely manage content of the App.


All functionalities are compatible with Android version 4.0 or higher.


Check out functionality and amazing features of our mobile Application.
We have made Demo Version (APK) of our App available to you.
It contains sample data and shows the power of its functionality.

Support & Questions

We are glad to provide item support and answer all your questions on Item Comments Page


Version 1.0,
- Initial Release
Version 1.1
- New layout design
- New app icon
- New example graphics and descriptions
Version 1.2
- AdMob banners
- MapActivity compatible with the latest version of Google Support Library

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