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Very nice. GLWS !

Thank you! Io really hope so :)

Presales Question: How do i use this tool? Does it come with a GUI based tour builder or do i need to write all the scripts?

Hi, it is pretty simple, I upload the documentation, so you can check that before hand.


Just add a class, and you can change some behavior if you don’t want the default functionality

Presales Question: I’d like to use this within Wordpress so, in order to do this, would I have to configure all tour pages using raw html/css after calling the javascript? In other words, this is not for end users, right?

Hi, this is not meant to be for Wordpress, is for any kind of page that you can add those attributes on the html elements.

Hello, I need to purchase it to create a tour about my online store “how to buy” , does your plugin be a useful for me ?

if I purchase it today, you will assist me to install it into my online store ?

Yes Sanayar, that’s the main idea of this plugin, help the people to understand how something works.

The code is pretty simple, you just need to add attributes to the HTML elements that you want to create a tip. Inside the package, there are examples, tutorials and documentation. If you need additional support, we can talk over email

Is it possible to only show the tooltips once? So if a person goes through the tutorial and refreshes the page, don’t show the tutorial again. Thanks

Hi, Well…

If you disabled or remove the element that triggers the Tourtip, yes, you can.

Maybe you need to create a cookie to control that.

very nice look and works also in wordpress (if you know how to set it up :) )

Do you still offering support for this plugin ?

Hi Josephrmobi, I can help you if you have issues using it.

This is not for Wordpress, is a simple jQuery plugin.

Hi ! I have send you an email for support related to an issue we have on Windows 8.1 Chrome 52. Plugin is not working. Did you receive it ?

still need your help on this ASAP :)

Very nice job

Hi ! Very nice plugin. I need your help on something.

I have notice that on mobile (iOS8 Safari Mobile) the tour goes under the bottom icons of the browser and I cannot do anything since Apple removed the minimal-ui value that block us to keep the full screen view.

Is there a way to push the tour a bit up on mobile ?

Via css you can do much anything, but can you make the margin bottom of your page a little lower?

No no this is not what I mean. :) Take a look at this screenshot : https://snag.gy/d0y1ri.jpg