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Hello, does it work only for responsive themes or works on non responsive too?

Hello, it works for all types of themes. Best regards.

Does this work only on Blog posts or can it be used for custom post types as well?

Plugin works only with posts and pages. Custom post types are not supported in the current version.

Hello, i would just like to say that the demo looks awesome.

I have brought this plugin but it doesnt seem to be working for me, i dont know why as you did say it works with both responsive and non responsive themes. <- thats the link to my site where your plugin doesnt seem to be working. Please take a look and get back to me asap about this because if something cant be done about this then ill be looking to get a full refund and i really dont want to do that to someone thats clearly worked hard on something.

Thank you for the support with this plugin, we found it was a problem with my theme and not the plugin :)

Always welcome!

Love this, nice work! How easy would it be to integrate it with a self-built site? I built mine using the plugin: I would not only wish to swipe left & right between pages/articles but also up & down between sections (website built on grid system). Would this be achievable? Thanks

Thank you!

Plugin is oriented only on posts/pages swipe, vertical post loading will be implemented in the next release.

Is it possible to pre-load the nearest neighbor pages to there isn’t a long pause between swipes.

For example, when page 2 then page 1 and 3 are pre-loaded (and cached) so that swiping to page 1 or 3 don’t need to display the loading animated but instead can go straight to displaying the page. Then if the user should ends up on Page 3, then pages 2 or 4 could pre-load while the user is on page 3 and so on.

Make sense?

Hello, maybe this feature will be available in the next version


I have bought your plugin, but after installing it and setting up the ID ‘homecontent’ or checking option ‘Body’, my website goes blank. only when desacative my wordpress blog works.

Can you please help?

Hello, please send me site information by mail on my profile page

Hi , plugin is in conflict with the theme i am using, can you provide any assistance please ?


Awesome and beautiful plugin! :)

I seen the “Arrows” in the screenshots indicating “Left and Right”...would you consider incorporating these icons as they look wayyy better :)

Also, I already have a site pre-loader plugin, would this conflict with your plugins option to include my pre-loader?

Hello? Please reply I’m anxious to incorporate this plugin :)


Just writing to see if this plugin is still compatible with WP 4.2 or if has plans to be.

Thanks for your time.