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How many levels are there ?

One level

Nice app! Good luck with sales

looks like piano games to me?

Please I want know whether the black and withe rectangles are PNG files so I can re-skin them with other PNGs of my choices?, or these rectangles are drawings so it can be only colored with other colors ?

Now color of white and colored rectangles you can change in XML files, not PNG. But you can take your PNG and replace XML with the same names

Good luck for sells.

i want change color insert image you can build it?

I don’t do customization

How do you manage to make games so fast? Your games look awesome! GLWS! :)

Thanks, I have some experience. Your games are good too.

How do i make a project in to a library? I don’t see the step by step. I’m using eclipse, but mines looks different from what you have in the html file.

Actually, You didn’t, and I quote “First of all you need to import google-play-services_lib as a project into Eclipse Workspace. Then make it as library:” Then there is a pic. The pic looks like the Android editor, but the only program mentioned on this site is Eclipse.

In your Readme, you -do NOT mention what program you are using to edit. - do NOT mention how to import the files, but mention how to create libraries - do NOT mention HOW to get to the properties section, let alone the screen you were on. - do NOT mention how to change app appearance

The readme simply explains how to import the app into a program which you have FAILED to mention. .

I have figured out basically everything else myself, but not even stackflow can tell me how to “Make it as a library”

So please, enlighten me a little bit more.

*import the libraries into a program which you have failed to mention.

Sorry, but I don’t understand what program you mean. All you need is Eclipse. And all project was coded in Eclipse.

Is it possible to link admob ads in the regular license?

Admob can be used in every license

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio