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Hola, he comprado tu plantilla y tengo el siguiente error:

Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘value’ with value ’@integer/google_play_services_version’).

¿Podrías ayudarme?

Muchas gracias

Muchas gracias!! :)

Me vas a matar…. :p Perdona de nuevo, ¿dónde están los códigos de los logros para modificarlos?

No hay logros, lo único que se almacena es la mejor puntuación. Un saludo.

Can you give me the code that using eclipse only (non gradle) ?

There isn’t a eclipse code. You have to use gradle. Regards.

In the readme file you can see how to install gradle in your eclipse

Puedo importar este código en eclipse?

Me podrías ayudar a desactivar leaderboard_id para que no me pida conexión de los Servicios de Google y subir esta app tambien a BlackBerry Store? Saludos.

Hola, sí que puedes importarlo en eclipse pero necesitarás instalar gradle en eclipse. En la documentación hay un apartado que explica como hacerlo. También es posible quitar los servicios de google. En lo que no te puedo ayudar en en subir está app a la BalckBerry Store. Si finalmente decides comprar, agregame a skype: “devcramstudio” y te ayudaré con tus dudas. Un saludo.

Para subir al BlackBerry World es facil y se hacerlo se programar para dicha plataforma. Solo que debo Cancelar el inicio con el leaderboard para que no solicite los servicios desde el BlackBerry porque me dara error. Solo es… Si me puedes ayudar alli. La compro ahorita.. Saludos.

PD la probe en mi HTC y se ve muy buena te felicito me gusto

Hola, quitar el leaderboard es posible. Cuando la compres agrégame a skype y te indico. Gracias por la felicitación. Un saludo.

Where will I find “Touch Direction” in Home

Hi, you can find it in my-gdx-game-core, com.mygdxgame.draw MenDraw.java. In this file you will be able to see “Touch\nDirection”. It is the String showed in the menu screen where \n represents a newline. Regards.

Thank you I was pleased to deal with you

Please tell me how I can add gradle in eclipse ?

What does it mean I did not understand something I do not know in programming Android :( I just need for the game I wish I could explain to me with pictures if possible

Add me to skype “devcramstudio”


Can you help me change language. I mean I want to build one apk for different languages. I want to change images according to country. Can you help me

Hi, the app isn’t ready for different languages. You can only have one.

How to fix thie Error:C:\androidstudioproj\touch-direction\Touch Direction\BaseGameUtils\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml (The system cannot find the path specified) in Android Stuido?

Please help me. Thanks

The readme file instructions work for eclipse. I’ve never used android studio but the BaseGameUtils project isn’t an android project so I think you don’t have to include it as a android project. Regards.

What do i have to reskin, if i want to upload it for Free on Google play?
And can i use Admob in the Regular license?
I want to buy this Game.
Greetings :)

If you want to upload it on google play you have to change the package name. And you can use admob with regular license. The only thing you should do, it’s to replace my admob ids with yours. Regards.

No Reskin required? oO Thats nice!
Ill buy it soon.

I’m using Android studio to open the project. But I don’t know how to build it on my phone. Could you tell me how to do? Or send me a android studio project version?

Hi, you can open the eclipse project with the Import Project option in the File menu and then you can execute it on your mobile phone by pushing the play button (Run). Regards!

hi, iam have purchase this item. pls tell my if the graphic and sound from you or if iam have to buy other license to use in my product?

Hi, yes, graphic and sound are mine but if you want to publish more than one version on google play you have to buy the extended license from codecanyon. Regards.

is there still support for this app?


Does this game work with Android Studio ? if so does it work in the 3.2 version ?

Can the reskin be done from Android studio ?