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Hey guys, need a quick response here. I’m using the example “Linking Controls To An Linked Collection of Toggles” verbatim and I cannot get anything more than javascript errors like the following:

Uncaught TypeError: Object NaN has no method ‘V’ touchaudio-togglesHUD.1.0.2.js:284 Uncaught TypeError: Object NaN has no method ‘Play’ touchaudio-togglesHUD.1.0.2.js:318 Uncaught TypeError: Object NaN has no method ‘V’ touchaudio-togglesHUD.1.0.2.js:284 Uncaught TypeError: Object NaN has no method ‘N’ touchaudio-togglesHUD.1.0.2.js:281 Uncaught TypeError: Object NaN has no method ‘T’ touchaudio-togglesHUD.1.0.2.js:278 Uncaught TypeError: Object NaN has no method ‘Play’

Please help ASAP. Thanks!

Hi jayhughes, we have an updating in codecanyon processing that may resolve your issues. You should be notified as soon as it’s released into the wild. Please let us know whether or not your issues persist after getting the update. Thanks :D

Thanks for the reply. I found out it was a conflict between two JQuery plugins ultimately. I ended up having to run your script in an iframe for compatibility… hopefully this does fix the issue, but I do understand compatibility between plugins can’t be promised. Thanks!

Ok great! We’ve improved encapsulation so there’s a strong chance that the update will resolve the issues you had. Thanks :D

its very good player, but i want to give file download option in this player. could you please help me in this regard. thanks

So far this has worked wonderfully and looks great. The only issue i’m having is if instead of writing it directly in HTML, I try to have the code generated via document.write or document.innerHTML, then it appears that the css info doesn’t work. direct HTML does though. I know this wouldn’t most likely have anything directly to do with your code, do do you know how I can generate dynamically written code for this in just javascript? I can easily pull my music data from a table but if I can’t get any dynamically written code to fire then it won’t help me.

Nevermind, I was missing a > for one of my divs. Thanks. GREAT PRODUCT!

Nice job!! Thanks for the comment, and please rate our products :D

There is no demo so i cant test it but does this work with WindowsPhone7.x

does it work with live streaming? like this: 


This is a excelent script, I strongly recommend it.

I have two issues, could you help me?

1) The parameter SetDomain is now working for me. Do not mather if I use it or not, I still need to use the full address of the mp3 file. I think the idea would be use the SetDomain to set a domain ou directory, but it is not working

2) In the HUD the name of the music is not working because it is using the class H3. But in my website this class is already used and styled, so I have a conflid. In the HUD the name of the music is not showing when the music is playing..

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Hi dagostinho, please contact me via the email form on my profile page, and I’ll be glad to help. Thanks!

Hi, if the structure of directories is different from the demo, the file fallback.swf is not found.

Probably because of this line:

swfPath: g.f + “fallback.swf”,

Is there a sollution to that?

could be a totally stupid question. but is this html5? and your players. can i just copy and paste the code and it will work?

Yes this is HTML5, you should be able to use code from the included example.


Is it possible for this play button to show on any image? For example, a featured image of a post?

Yes, being able to turn nearly any element into an audio play button was a leading intention with this product.

How do you get it to work on Wordpress?


I copied and pasted it. change my src. doesn’t work. Even uploaded it to server but its not working. Did I forget to do anything?

I get an error while opening my page on MAC Safari / FOX / Chrome. Can you confirm if this plugin works on MAC Versions of different browsers. I have also tried on Win Safari and the same results.

Audio Toggles +HUD has been verified on the following browsers: Android Browser 4.1.1 Firefox 14.0.1 Google Chrome 21.0.1180.89 iOS Safari 5.1.1 Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 Internet Explorer 8 standards Safari 6.0 (8536.25)

Hello, firstly, this product is great! Works very well on my website, thank you!

My only concern is that the player only displays minutes and seconds of the tracks. I am playing podcasts which are nearly 2 hours long and so it doesn’t show the hours remaining. Any workaround this please?


Hi, I purchased this player and I wonder if can be used like the player from AudioJungle.

I need to see the play button when I go over images with the mouse. I don’t need the playlist anywhere in the page. Do you have any links with demos? Thank you!


Do the songs are preloaded when a playlist is placed in a page? My website visitors have slowly internet connections and pre-loading songs will take some time. Please clarify this for me… It looks nice the script.


I test the player but i’ve got an error message :

“jPlayer 2.1.4 : id=’crbui-touchaudio-player-507’ : Error!

jPlayer’s Flash fallback is not configured correctly, or a command was issued before the jPlayer Ready event. Details: c._getMovie(...).fl_setAudio_mp3 is not a function Check your swfPath option and that Jplayer.swf is there. Context: crbui/touchaudio/fallback.swf”

No idea to resolve the problem… I really appreciate your help ! Thank.

One of my users has just reported a similar issue as @laurent1969

Seems to work in firefox and chrome, but falls over on IE8

here is some details of the issue:

This is IE8 in normal mode.

If I switch to standards mode, the players do not even appear!

Any chance of a Live Preview so i and my team can test this on Mobile Devices to see performance and stability? If so; Thank you in advance!

Hello, with jquery-1.10.1. it doesn’t work, the “crbui-touchbutton” on the DemoB doesn’t appear. Is it possible to modify this because I don’t want to have 2 jquery files?